Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4 - 10, 2013 - Back to SF

Monday, November 4.  I met up with the usual group of walkers this morning, so I had a chance to say goodbye.  I just love these little gatherings with friends and I'm going to miss them.

Oh my, will I be able to fit everything in my suitcase?  I sorted things out - again and I think I will make it.  A trip to the local CVS will be necessary though.  Also, the purchase of a giant piece of luggage might have to be added to the "things to buy" list.

I made it to SF after an uneventful trip.  My flight was not full, in fact, the giant that was sitting in the middle seat next to me was able to move to one of the exit row seats and we were all happy about that.  We even took off about 10 minutes early.  The shuttle ride to Ben's house was also not bad.

And then I got to meet Norah and Camille.  They are so tiny!  And very sleepy too.  Charlotte was in bed by the time I arrived, so bright and early tomorrow morning, I get to see her again.  I'm sure she has changed a lot in the last 6 weeks.

Tuesday, November 5.  I heard Charlotte stirring this morning, so I went to her bedroom door.  She gave me a great big smile and reached for me and said "Grandma Rose, you went away".  I told her that I came back and she said it as ok for me to stay awhile.  We read stories and had some breakfast, then later on we were off to the playground.  She has gone through a growth spurt and is now speaking in complete sentences and expressing herself very clearly.  We had fun at the playground and she had to show me her new climbing skills.

It is a whirlwind around here, something happening constantly.  The twins aren't quite up to speed on the nursing thing, so the routine seems to be to nurse, to follow up with bottles, Jill pumps, they get changed, then a couple of hours later, it starts all over again, throughout the day.  They are coming around, gaining weight, and looking healthy.  Ben is back to work this week (from home).  

By 9:00, we are all pooped and ready to call it a day.  It may be a little more laid back on the days that Charlotte goes to daycare.  We shall see.

Thursday, November 7.  Happy 1 Month Birthday to my beautiful twin granddaughters.  Too bad, they are both conjested and fussy today.

Friday, November 8.  Today is my brother-in-law Dan's birthday and it is sad that he didn't live to even see his Medicare birthday.  I miss hearing from him and I know that his family back home is having a hard day today.

After dropping Charlotte off at daycare this morning, I went to the brand new Target store at the end of Geary St, as a humidifier is needed to help clear up the twins' nasal congestion.  We all managed to get showers in after I got back home - they have to be squeezed in whenever there is a quiet moment. Ben took his lunch break so we could all go for a nice walk together with Norah and Camille in their new stroller.  

Sunday, November 11.  The weekend has flown right by.  The family was able to get out for a walk and playtime at the playground with Charlotte and Jill's friend, Joan, came for a visit and brought us lunch on Sunday.  

Charlotte is all about playing with anything that is for the babies.  Check out the difference is sizes here where she was convinced that she could fit in a newborn pj.