Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday, March 24, 2022, MN

I went to bed upset last night after realizing that I accidentally threw away the onyx ring that I've worn for years.  I traced my steps during the day and remembered standing at the kitchen sink to clean it, then drying it with a tissue, I got distracted and laid it on counter, and must have thrown the tissue in the trash bag that was ready to be tied up and taken to the trash to bin.  Later on, while Charlotte and I were out shopping, I realized that it wasn't on my finger. I loved that ring and I’m not happy about finding a replacement for it.  I searched through my jewelry and found a ring that was given to me by Rita, so I will wear that one for a while.

The teacher’s strike is still on, so the Granny’s are helping with the kids again this week.  I took them to the Science Museum on Tuesday and they were well behaved, making for an enjoyable afternoon of exploring and learning.  We watched the IMAX movie “Dinosaurs of Antarctica” that was really good and then saw most of the exhibits.  We spent more time at the booth where you can trade items - rocks, shells, fossils, skeletons, etc. than anywhere else and Charlotte said that was her favorite thing about the day.  I kept hearing “is this real” when they saw a preserved two-headed turtle, and a display of blood running through a pipe to demonstrate our bodies blood system, and while looking at the dinosaur bones.  It was a fun afternoon.

We spent a lot of time with these cool mechanical characters, all moving with gears.

Snack Time

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Saturday, March 19, 2022, MN

We have finally seen a warmup and had a taste of springtime weather this week and it is so welcome as demonstrated with just about everyone you meet outdoors.  

I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor on Monday to check on my blood pressure and thyroid levels.  Blood pressure is just fine but thyroid levels are way out of line. I have been on the same amount of medication for hypothyroid since I was 40 years old.  At my appointment in August, my medication was decreased because my thyroid was producing more TSH (about 1.5). This  week’s blood test showed a level of 4.5 - MUCH higher than it should be.  That means strict adherence to taking the medication on an empty stomach (I’ve been taking some other supplements with it) and another follow-up blood test in 6 weeks. 

The Minneapolis Teacher’s Union is still striking, so Jill was able to get them in a few camps this last week (to the tune of about $800) and I was with them Monday and Wednesday afternoon and Lois was with them on Tuesday and Thursday.  

I didn’t have anything going on Thursday, so I texted Mavis to see what she was up to. I picked her up and we went to the Fireside for a tasty Corned Beef and Cabbage lunch.  My original plan for some tasty Irish food was to get a take-out Reuben, but this was even better.  It was nice to see her and have a good chat. 

I spent most of the day Friday working on making cards.  I had accumulated a few stitched cards that needed to be mounted on cards.  Some can go on precut cardstock that I get at the craft store and others I have to cut out the right size paper and mount them that way.  And of course, they all need some embellishment to make the stitched cards stand out and make them prettier.

A sampling of some of the cards that I made today. Don’t be surprised if you get one some day.

There is a group of women in my apartment complex who volunteer for a group called “Cards for a Cause” and I spent the afternoon with them making cards for hospice patients to give to their families and friends.  I worked on Easter cards, some worked on Thinking of You and Birthday cards and another gal worked on Military cards.  It was fun and we turned out some really cute cards - I didn’t take any photos though. 🥴 

I’ve also been working on the afghan that I started for myself last week and I find that evening TV time is a perfect time to work on it.  It turns out that each row takes me about 40 minutes and I’ve got about 35 rows done

I met Ben and Yoshi at the Nine Mile Creek Trailhead this afternoon and we had a really nice walk while the twins were at gymnastics.  The day was sunny and 55°, most of the snow is gone, and it was a beautiful spring-like day.  

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Saturday, March 12, 2022, MN

My monthly art class with Genevieve was Tuesday afternoon and we did beading this time.  I chose to make a memory bracelet and necklace. Next month, we are going to learn needle felting and do an Easter project.

My beading projects.

Well, the Minneapolis Teachers went on strike, starting on Tuesday this week and that meant that the Grandmas had to help out with the girls. I was there on Wednesday and again for a few hours on Friday.  I had a hard time getting them to cooperate with school work, reading (they were given no assignments by the teacher), or any kind of structure on Wednesday and Rachael (family friend and Mom to girls’ friends) offered to take them from 2-5pm, so It wasn’t quite a full day.  On Friday, they did individual reading and we did Math together for quite a while. I’m impressed that my 2nd grade girls are doing 3rd grade Math and having no problems with addition, subtraction and even some multiplication.  Jill took off work early so she could reciprocate and have Rachael’s girls over in the afternoon.  

Charlotte, who had been chewing on her nails recently, agreed to give it up for one month and her incentive and reward was to have her friends Riley and Violet over for a Greek dinner (she is all into learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses these days) and to watch the 1980s version of “The Clash of the Titans” on Friday night. 

Did I say there is a whole lot more activity going on in that family than I can manage most days. Ben said that Norah and Camille were to take Yoshi for a walk and they did a quick walk (it was only about 15° out and they returned home in about five minutes.  When they got back home, Camille realized that she had lost one of her good ski mittens along the way, so they headed out to trace their steps to find it, only to return in another five minutes thinking that they needed to check the house - just in case she left it there before they headed out with Yoshi. Nope - it was nowhere to be found, so they had to go out looking for it again.  This time, they reassured me that it might take a little bit longer and after being gone for almost 15 minutes, I got nervous - not knowing where they were allowed to walk and how long their normal walks would take, so I decided to drive around and look for them. Just as I turned my car around in front of the house and was heading for the lake, I saw them coming down the alley heading for home - with Camille’s mitten on her hand. See - it’s always an adventure and even though Mom and Dad are comfortable with them walking designated areas in the neighborhood alone, it makes me real nervous.

I sold a painting and a pet travel carrier on Facebook Marketplace this week and also found a nice nightstand for next to my bed that I picked up today. I’ve been looking for one for a long time and my patience paid off today - the stand I bought is exactly the size and type of wood that I wanted and I got it for $5.  It pays to be patient.  

I shopped for yarn to make myself a throw blanket - just don’t make things for myself so now is the time.

Our weather has been brutally cold since Tuesday with a warmup arriving on Saturday. It was 1° when I woke up Friday morning. I’m so ready for some signs of spring and it looks like next week will bring it. Daylight Savings Time ends today, so we set our clocks ahead once again.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sunday, March 6, 2022, MN

I have spent the past week settling back into my apartment and getting back into my regular routine.  I went grocery shopping on Thursday and it cost me over $200 to restock (including some pricey items like wine and beer). The nice thing was loading it into my new refrigerator that was delivered while I was gone. And once again I am loaded down with some good, healthy choices in hopes of deleting the few pounds that I gained over the last month.

Ben texted me yesterday to see if I was interested in having the twins for a sleepover and I had been considering reaching out to him just before getting his text. Charlotte was having a sleepover and it is always nice when she and her friends aren’t interrupted by younger sisters.  It might make for a more relaxing night for Mom and Dad too - not so much for Grandma, although the girls were good and we had a fun night and watched the 1988 movie, Milo and Otis.

A regular activity at Grandma’s house.

There is no longer room in my queen size bed for the three of us, so it was Norah’s turn to sleep on the couch. She drifted off quickly, but Camille and I ended up saying goodnight, then talking again several times.  After the last goodnight, she looked up at the clock and announced “we have been talking for 49 minutes”, then turned on her side and fell asleep.

A good morning selfie for Mom and Dad

Our Sunday morning project was to teach them how to use a sewing machine and to make something for their American Girl dolls.  Norah’s choice was a cropped top and Camille’s was a long top. I had fabric left over from some Christmas projects so they had a few options to choose from.  They both did good with the sewing machine, learning how to hold the fabric and guide it through the needle and  how to regulate the speed.  Here is the outcome:

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tuesday, March 1, 2022, AZ, MN

Going back home today. Tom fixed a nice breakfast for us and we managed to get a nice 1.5 mile walk in before heading to the airport. Two horses that we have seen in a pen on previous walks came to greet us at the fence as we walked past.  I noticed an electric fence just inside the fence, so we were unable to reach over and pet them, although I think that is what they wanted. 

I found no issues at the airport, check-in went well, as did security. The only issue right now is a 20 minute delay.

With the exception of almost an hour delay (had to wait for the flight crew to arrive from their previous flight) and the fact the the flight was completely full, there were no hitches to my return to Minnesota.  Because I arrived later than expected, Ben was able to pick me up.  Frisco wasn’t giddy with excitement when I first saw him, but after some sniffing he rolled over and wanted belly rubs. I think I was more excited to see him. He did just fine and it doesn’t sound like he caused too many issues at their house, other than snapping at Yoshi when he was jealous of Ben’s attention. My car survived a month of sitting and Ben had it cleaned off and ready for me.  I got back to my apartment at about 9:00 pm.