Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28 - 30, 2014 - Back in CA

Monday, April 28.  It is cool this morning, I'm thinking 50s, although it warmed up as the day went on..  After lounging around and having coffee and no breakfast, we decided to head to Thousand Oaks for a bite to eat before going for a hike at Wildwood Park.  The area is beautiful and the trail was easy to follow, although a bit more strenuous than Mary was prepared for - and it was a lot warmer than we expected.  The scenery was beautiful although neither of us had a camera.  We saw lots of wildflowers including lupine and California poppy and the path followed a stream with several small waterfalls.  

At one point, after getting to the crest of a hill, we stopped to rest on a bench and watched a young girl running along the path - looking as if she was hardly even working at it.  We decided we were the OOO girls - Old, Overweight, and Out of Shape - had a lot of laughs over that one.  Maybe we can come up with a Maxine type cartoon.

Tuesday, April 29.  I made it to SF after another long day of driving, although the scenery along the route was beautiful and I didn't have to deal with traffic like going through LA.  When I turned on
to 35th Ave, I found the street in construction mode - no parking anywhere between 8 and 5:00.  I pulled into the driveway, unloaded my stuff and went and found a parking spot on the next street over, although it has to be moved tomorrow for street cleaning.  Welcome back to the big city.

I got settled in while Jill went to pick Charlotte up from preschool.  And when she walked in the door, she lit up when she saw me and I got big hugs and lots of "I love you, Grandma's" and then I got to do it all - bathtime, brushing teeth and videos, and bedtime stories.  What a sweetie!  The twins have changed so much in the last 6 weeks and were happy and smiley after their naps.  They are sitting up with minimal support and love to eat solid foods now.  It feels good to be back with the family.

Wednesday, April 30.  My alarm went off at 5:45 and I was out walking Frisco shortly after that.  I walked by my car and remembered that it had to be moved.  Needless to say, with construction going on and a several streets closed to parking, it took a while to find a spot about 3.5 blocks away.  To top it off, Frisco didn't take care of business - and then I realized I forgot to feed him last night.  Poor guy, I'm really not a negligent pet owner, just a forgetful one.

I took Charlotte to school and we were early so she could show me around.  She loves going there.

The twins routine is down pat now, although it will make for a busy day.  The are so smiley and happy!  Here's what they are looking like now - bean beards and all.  They love all of their veggies and sit there like little birds waiting for the spoon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21 - 27, 2014 - AZ & CA

Monday, April 21.  My morning started nicely, when I had someone to drink coffee with and talk.  On my walk, I met up with Lois and Kathy - the walking group that usually had 4-7 people sure has decreased.  We had a lively discussion about the Trans Pacific Partnership (NAFTA on steroids) that President Obama is trying to rush through (Fastrack) Congress.  If he has his way, there won't even be a vote.  So please, contact your representatives asking them NOT to go along with it.  It will make it even harder for people in America to find good paying jobs - they will all go to more countries that pay low, low wages.  It is all to benefit large corporations that will send their work overseas and line their pockets.  The corporations are in control of our government, not the people.  Yes, I'm on a rant because I so disagree with this.

I was off to have a manicure and pedicure (thanks to my dear friend, Pat, who gave me her gift certificate befor she left here).  It was nice and relaxing.

Randy took Julie and I to Rancho de Tia Rosa Taqueria for a delicious lunch.  After that, we went and did some shopping before stopping at Julie's Aunt Jean's house for a little visit.  Lots of her family was there, as they are preparing for her 90th birthday celebration this Friday.  She is such a sweetheart and is looking forward to her big day.

Wednesday, April 23.  We have been busy!  Going to the pool, visiting with Aunt Jean, meeting up with friends, and of course, eating (although we have all been good about eating less and not eating a lot of heavy stuff).  Last night we went to San Tan Flat and met up with Randy's classmate, Diane.  She lives near there, so afterward we went to her house and got to see the sun set over the entire valley with the downtown Phoenix skyline in the distance.  It was beautiful!  We also got to meet her 5 Arabian horses, one was a national champion show horse, old and retired now.

Thursday, April 24.  It was another busy day with the Ursinos.  I had my annual checkup with the Endocrinologist this morning and the good news was that my thyroid levels are in balance and my medication stays the same.  The bad news is that I have gained 10 pounds since last year (like I didn't know that) and that my cholesterol is higher than it was.  Still, not so high that I need to take the medications but a warning that I need to lower my intake of saturated fats and stay active.  The news came as no surprise, I just need to curb my sweet tooth.

Back home, I did some laundry and some more prep for my trip and then helped Julie make baked beans and coleslaw to take to Aunt Jean's birthday party tomorrow.  Once we finished that, we put on our swimsuits and headed for the pool. Connie joined us and then Julie's brother, Jeff and his wife, Diana came by.  We had a fun time, but had to get back home to get ready to go to Monica's house.

Monica has moved in with her boyfriend, Loren, at his house in Peoria - way on the northwest side of Phoenix.  They have a beautiful home and we also got to see Monica's cat, Al Pacino and meet Scooter, the Boxer - what a character he is - just a big, silly dog.  Nan and Dale joined us, we had a drink, and then headed to V's Taproom for dinner.  We sat on the beautiful patio, complete with a waterfall wall that overlooked the golf course and had a wonderful dinner and lots of good conversation.  What a sweet niece I have and it was so nice to see her new home and see that she is happy.

Saturday, April 26.  Happy Birthday, Walks!  

Aunt Jean's party yesterday was lots of fun, complete with good food, conversation and live music.  Her family went all out to make her day special and you could tell she was so happy.  Here's a couple of photos.  She sure doesn't look or act like a 90 year old.

Last night, I was invited to Chuck and Kathy's for dinner. They had their granddaughter Peyton for the weekend and Connie and Jeannie joined us too.  They surprised me with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday. What great friends I have!

Sunday, April 27.  Happy 66th Birthday to ME!  Today started my trek back to SF for the next 6 weeks before my summer travels start and I will head to the Midwest.  I'm stopping in Oxnard, CA for a 2-day visit with Mary and Lance on the way.  It is a perfect half-way point and I get to see my good friends too.  My car is loaded with all of my gear for the travel trailer, extra stuff that I will need over the next 4-5 months, and the stuff that I will need for the next few weeks.  Naturally, I have to take cool weather, summer, and camping clothes - and Frisco's stuff too!

I have had lots of birthday wishes throughout the day - I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends.  Thank you all for thinking of me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14 - 20, 2014 - AZ

Monday, April 14.   On my walk this morning, I headed straight over to Jan and Jim's to say goodbye.  They were loading up their RV for their summer travels to be camp hosts on Mt. Lemmon, on the north side of Tucson.  I'm hoping it is a fun experience for them and I also hope that I can get over there to see where they are.

Last night, Rob sent me a link to a little travel trailer, a 2010 Sierra Campfire XL that is up in Tomahawk, WI and boy would I like to get my hands on that.  It is only 14' long, weighs 1850# and the interior is beautiful, all of the walls are birch, not the plastic covered panels that are seen in most campers these days, it is kind of like the old vintage trailers. In addition to the beauty, it has everything that I need, especially AC and a bathroom.  The company makes customized horse trailers and made these for about 4 years.   It costs about $4,000 more than what I have decided I could reasonably spend, although I think the price is good for what it is.  I will just have to ponder it a little more to see if I want to draw that much more out of my savings.  

Arlene and I loaded up the car with food and clothes for a few days and headed to her cabin in Strawberry, just a little northeast of Payson.  It's a beautiful drive and her cute little cabin sits along a Fossil Creek (it's been pretty dry, there's not a lot of water in it).  Many of the hardwood trees haven't leafed out yet, but it smells like pines - reminds me of Mike's parents cabin up here, although it is a little more open.  It is quite a bit cooler, we both grabbed sweaters and socks as soon as we got here.

Once we got settled, we relaxed, read our books and took a little nap.  I fixed dinner tonight - spicy baked shrimp, roasted broccoli and a salad.  We were both ready for bed by 9:00.  It was a chilly 50 degrees when I took Frisco out before bed.

Tuesday, April 15.  It is a chilly 38 degrees when I got up around 7:00 - brrrrrrr!  Arlene slept in for a while, so Frisco and I took a walk down the road and did some exploring.  A Jack Russell terrier greeted us and followed along wherever we went.  A lady who almost hit him with her car told me that he runs around the neighborhood all of the time.  I think he has adopted us, as he followed us back and has been hanging out ever since.

It is a cool, although beautiful day and I spent a lot of it sitting in a sunny spot, watching the birds and reading.  Connie loaned me "Living Without Reservations" by Barbara Elaine Singer, a story about a woman who decides to do those things in life that give her enjoyment and meaning, rather than what society dictates, after years of having a successful career in the rat race of the working world.  Her lifestyle is a lot like ours was when we full-timed in the motorhome - go where you want, when you want, and see and learn along the way.  It makes me think that maybe I should just buy that little trailer - who knows what's around the corner.  I could hold off and die without ever getting to do something that I feel like I really want to do.  What good is my money if I'm not here to enjoy it? Hmmmmm.

Once Arlene got moving, we had some breakfast and enjoyed the outdoors.  We dug up some Daffodils and Iris (she loves gardening as much as I do) for Arlene to take home with her and I found a couple of rocks that I will take home with me.  The daffodils just finished blooming, the neighbor has a few tulips in bloom, and the iris has buds that will open soon.  It is spring here and many of the trees haven't leafed out yet.

We just hung around, her listening to books on tape and me reading and playing games on the iPad (we have no internet, in fact, I have no signal at all), and take naps.  Later on, for happy hour, we have a Bloody Mary.  It is her turn to fix dinner and she makes chicken breast, coleslaw, and biscuits.  We are both ready for bed by 9:00.  When I take Frisco out, he gets all excited because he sees something out there in the dark.  I couldn't spot anything with the flashlight and he finally settles enough to go potty.

Wednesday, April 16.  I'm awake at 6 and hop in the shower - talk about water pressure!  
It almost knocks me over, it is so strong.  I have to turn it way down so it is comfortable and then I really enjoyed it.  Once I get dressed, stretch, and get the coffee ready, I look out the window at the thermometer and it reads 30 degrees.  Yikes!  I'm definitely going to wait for the sun to warm up before I go for a walk.

It warmed up nicely and I spent a lot of time sittings outside reading, watching the birds (mostly woodpeckers), and just enjoyed the surroundings.  I wandered around and took a few photos.

We packed things up and headed for Pine, where we had a very nice lunch at the Randall House. This was a wonderful getaway and I so appreciate Arlene for sharing her place with me.  Originally, we had planned to stay for 3 nights but I had a doctors appointment on Thursday morning.  I looked at the calendar when I got home and realized the appointment is a week from Thursday - dang, we could have had another day up there.

Thursday, April 17.  I did it!  I put $$$ down on the trailer that Rob found for me in Tomahawk, WI.  Thanks for searching, Rob!  The unfortunate thing is that I won't have it for my trip from SF to Minneapolis but I will have it for the remainder of the summer. 

So, here it is...the start of another new chapter and adventure.  I have pondered this for a long time now - I miss being a part of the RVing world, it was such an enjoyable lifestyle, although it will be lonely and different without Mike to share the experience.  I don't know how much time I will be spending in actual RV parks in the future, but State and National parks are reasonably priced.  I see this as a more affordable way to travel than staying in hotels and I don't see me cutting back on travel.  I much prefer to sleep in my own bed.  I'm going to give it a shot and see how it goes.

There are very few of these trailers around - they were only manufactured for 3 years by Sierra Custom Interiors, a company that has been doing the interiors on luxury horse trailers for years (they get rave reviews).  I'm putting my trust in the dealer, who describes this as a beautiful little trailer and so much nicer than the Casita or Scamp.  I would have to pay this much for one of those that is over 10 years old. This is much like the White Water Retro that I have looked at several times and considered and that is priced about $5,000 more.  From the photos and the salesman, it appears that the quality in this is much better.  It is small, but I think it will be just right for me and Frisco.  Now, I can't wait to see it in person.

I spent the day just hanging out at home, getting ready for Randy and Julie, who arrive on Sunday.  I'm also starting to get things together for my upcoming travels - yes, I have a box of camping stuff packed already (dishes and cooking stuff left over from the motorhome).  Ot
her than that, I did some laundry and ran a few errands.

Friday, April 18.  I was up at 5:30 this morning - I'm not sure why but I was.  Might as well get up and get moving.  By the time 8:00 came around, I had enough coffee, walked Frisco, and did some housecleaning, so I headed out to a nearby estate sale and took in several garage sales before Costco opened its doors.  I needed to replenish some of the supplies in the clubhouse and I've got that trip down - I know just where everything is.  I had forgotten to make a list of what was needed, but ik managed to get everything.

When I got back home, I borrowed Arlene's hedge trimmers and trimmed my Texas Sage shrubs that write starting to get out of hand.  If I left them until I got back home in the fall, they would be 10 feet tall.  It was a comfortable cloudy day - unusual around here.  My yard looks so pretty right now.  You just have to look beyond all of the ugly mechanicals - they can't be hidden and aren't going anywhere.

I joined Arlene and her daughter Sharla, my next door neighbor, Betty and her son Jamie to have dinner at The Melting Pot tonight, in celebration of Betty's birthday on the 17th and mine next week.  It was an excellent dining experience.  We shared 2 types of cheese fondues, then had salads, then chose our fish/meat entrees and had 2 types of broth fondues - a burgundy and a coq au vin, and that was followed by dessert of chocolate/caramel and white chocolate/strawberry fondue.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!  I'm so lucky to have such great neighbors and good friends!

Saturday, April 19.  I got busy with projects around the house this morning.  The wood furniture needs a good cost of oil and the leather on the dining room chairs needs to be treated before they sit in this hot house for 4 months this summer.  I've been trying to do it at least twice a year, so today was the day.  I've also been getting things together for my trip.  What a surprise - there is a large suitcase sized storage compartment in my new car, the space where a spare tire would go (it hangs on the door).  I know I will be filling that up.

Connie called to see if I wanted to meet her and her daughter, Donna, at the pool.  It sure felt good - why haven't I been doing that?  I hung out for about an hour, then had to get to he grocery store since I have guests arriving tomorrow, my brother Randy and his wife Julie.  

When I got back home, Connie and Donna came over for a drink.  While we were sitting on the patio chatting away, we decided to go see the movie, "Heaven is for Real" tonight.  Bruce and Carmen stopped by for a quick hello and then we headed to the movie.  It was a good story and it takes place in Imperial, Nebraska, the small town where my neighbors, Arlene and Betty grew up.

Sunday, April 20.  This morning, after my walk, I got a pot roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes going in the slow cooker and proceeded to get the house ready for visitors.  Randy and Julie's flight was almost a half hour early and they got here around 3:30.  It is so great to feel their hugs again.  We had a great visit and dinner wasn't bad either.  By 9, we were all ready for bed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7 - 13, 2014, AZ

Monday, April 7.  All through the night, I was thinking, "what would Mike do" and I know exactly what he would do.  Go for it!  So I did.  So now, I have a gold Toyota sitting in my carport instead of a red Honda.  I think I did good on the negotiating and got a good car for a good price - and now I can act on a trailer that fits my requirements if and when I should stumble on one - perhaps while I am gadding about the country this summer.  So here it is - the second car that I have ever bought completely on my own.  The first was my very first car, a 1965 VW Bug bought in 1967, but Mike was there to help me find it and to check it out for me.
Wednesday, April 9.  Other than helping friends out with transportation this week, I have been sticking pretty close to home.  Arlene needed a ride to her manicure appointment yesterday and she bought me lunch at Waldo's for taking her.  Her sister, Marilyn joined us because she just happened to be nearby, and we had a great conversation.

Connie is having car problems lately (first leaks, now her radiator is shot), so I followed her to the repair shop this morning and took her back there this evening.  In between, I did some practice on cutting bottles with my new cutter, and I learned that I need a whole lot more practice.  It will come, though.  I just have to get the pressure on the scoring right and then master the water baths to break them apart.  I find recycled glass projects to be quite fascinating and thought I would give it a shot.  I will have to ask my friends to save their bottles for me, as I will never be able to drink all that wine - nor would I want to.

I also went to get a couple of estimates for installing a trailer hitch on my car and got good feedback from them on the Toyota's performance.  Even though it is rated for 3,500#, the weight of the trailer I buy should not exceed 2,500#.  Now I know exactly what to look for.  I did stop to see a White Water Retro that I really like - it's way out of my price range, though.  What do you think?

In spite of finding this cutie, I will continue my quest for an older Casita or Scamp, 16-17' that has a bathroom and AC in the <$10,000 range.  So keep your eyes peeled, friends.  Here's the Casita.

Thursday, April 10. I managed to stay home the entire day today, that is until later this afternoon when I went to a birthday party for Jan and Max.  As usual, this community knows how to throw a good party.  Paul and Ulla have paved and joined their back yards, creating a huge party place, complete with firepit and lighted palm trees.  Live music was provided by a keyboard player and Paul with his guitar and we sang along and danced to lots of oldies.  It was a great time!

Saturday, March 12.  Connie and I went to an estate sale yesterday morning and we both walked out of there with something.  I got 2 very nice baskets, 1 that will sit on the floor and become a bed for Frisco, the other will hold his toys.

In the afternoon, I went to Jan's to help her cut up lettuce, tomato, and onion and shred chicken and beef for tomorrow night's Mexican Fiesta - our community's last fling before the snowbirds leave for the summer.   

I had a quiet night at home, watched the movie, "The Flight" with Denzel Washington.  What a scary thought that is - you really put your life in the pilot's hands and have no idea what kind of shape he is in.  It really makes me NOT want to fly, but then the highways are full of stupid people too.

My alarm went off at 5:45 this morning and Frisco and I went to Nan and Dale's, as they were having a garage sale and I had my car loaded with stuff to get rid of.  It was a community sale, so we were hoping for lots of traffic but we really weren't that busy.  I sold $30 worth of stuff and had a nice time hanging out with those guys.

At 2:30, I met Jan and her crew at the clubhouse to help with the assembly of the enchiladas and tacos.  The clubhouse was beautifully decorated and chips and salsa were put at every table.  When we got everything ready, we hurried home to get cleaned up and ready to fed and party with the 90 or so people that are going to show up.  

During happy hour, 2 men playing Mariachi music and made a stop at each table and then we served the meal.  We ran out of taco meat about half way through (I should have served it rather than let folks serve themselves) and it would have gone farther, but there was plenty for all to eat.  At 7:00, the dance floor was cleared and Vinny and ??? had us out on the dance floor with their lively selection of tunes from the 50s and 60s.  They were very good and will definitely be invited back again.  That's what I like about this place!  We have lots of fun together and it really is like one big, happy family - and you don't have far to go to get back home.

Sunday, April 13.  I was busy this morning.  The other day, I changed the drapes in my bedroom and something just wasn't right about how it looked.  So, this morning I made a valence and hung it up and now I think it works.

Nan called about 10;00 to see if I was interested in going to the Mesa Flea Market with them.  Dale wanted to get his Shelby out of the garage, so they drove over here, parked it in my carport, and I drove to the flea market.  The only thing I really needed from there that I can't seem to buy anywhere else was a new crystal nail file.  I bought a set years ago and absolutely love them, but one of them has disappeared.  I think I might have accidently thrown it away.  So today I got a new one and also bought some Arizona cheese curds that are really tasty.  That place is huge and you see a lot of the same stuff there but some of it is unique and interesting.  When we got back to my house, we sat on the patio and had a beer.  It was nice hanging out with them again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1 - 6, 2014 - AZ

Monday, April 1.  Happy 47th Anniversary to my dear sister Rita and her living and loyal husband, Dennis!  You two set the example for how to make a good marriage!  I love you both!

Another doctor appointment today for a problem on my right foot that has been bothering me for 2 months now.  The news was good - it is an inflammation that I probably caused myself by wearing shoes that I thought were comfy.  My feet are healthy, I have no arthritis or sprains - just an inflammation.  My prescription was to wear good shoes (athletic or quality sandals with at least a 1" heel and arch support), no bare feet, rest, anti-inflammatories and an elastic brace for a few days.  I will have to start after tomorrow, as I have hiking plans.  What's another day?  Right?

I did drive to Tom's Camperland in Tempe this afternoon and took a look at a 15' Trillium travel trailer that they have in stock.  The plus side is - it's perfect, the minus side is - $25,000.  Whoa!  I also looked at the A-Liner (a hard sided tent Camper) and a T@B (not bad) that are more reasonable.  I might just add the T@B  to the list for my daily searches on Craig's List.  One of these days, if the right thing comes along, I might just bite the bullet and be an RVer again.  It's a wait and see kind of game.

I just watched National Geographic's "The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice" - a documentary about Wanda Jackson.  She was the first female rock and roll singer, dated Elvis Presley, and went on to be the Queen of Rockabilly.  She was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.  I'm proud that I got to see her in person at the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake, IA in 1991.  What a gal!  I'll never forget that show!  What a lineup - Wanda Jackson, Carl Perkins, Jack Scott, The Sun Rhythm Section, DC Drifters, and Ernie Valens (Richie Valens' cousin) - WOW!  And then we returned to the annual Winter Dance Party for the next 5 years - good times!

Tuesday, April 2.  I picked Jim and Sue up this morning at 8:30 and we headed to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale to hike the Lost Dog Trail, a hike that took us up 370 feet in elevation to the Taliesen Overlook.  From the overlook, you could see Taliesen (Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home) off in the distance.  It was a beautiful hike - a total of 4.6 miles and it was cool enough that we kept our hoodies on most of the time.  After that great hike, we had delicious but naughty chicken and waffles at Lo-Lo's.  

Right now, I just woke up from a nap and am in long pants, socks, a sweater, and am covered with a blanket.  The wind has picked up and the skies have turned gray.  Maybe we will get some rain as there is a chance in the prediction.  I'm glad it wasn't like this when we were hiking.

Taliesen in the foreground and Scottsdale off in the distance.

Thursday, April 3.  I passed up the opportunity for line dance lessons this morning in order to assemble the porch swing that I got as a birthday/appreciation gift from Ben and Jill.  That little project took me all morning and I had to quit so I could get ready for a dental hygiene appointment this afternoon.

All went well with my cleaning appointment but I didn't get them cleaned.  I am going to a dental college and have a new student so it took a long time to do all of the exams.  I will go back in a couple of weeks to finish up.

Tonight, Connie, Arlene, and I went to Freestone Park in Gilbert to a free concert with a band called Brazen Head, kind of a raucous and lively Celtic group.  It was a beautiful night and we had a great time.

Friday, April 4.  What a sh**ty night. I slept from 10-2 and have been awake mostly since then.  The problem was what my cousin Jonnie always called "windmilling".  Thoughts circling around in the brain.  Last night it was all about - what am I going to do with my life now?  Both of my sons and my grandkids will be back in the Midwest now, so where is the best place for me to actually settle for. The final time in my life.  No more moving.  Do I become a snowbird and live in a warm climate during the winter?  And how do I manage that on my limited income?  Grrrrrrr.

Since I couldn't sleep, I used up 25% of the charge on my iPad - looking at apartment possibilities and browsing through Pinterest, and reading.  Oh, and plenty of tossing and turning too.  Grrrrr.

Connie and I went to some community garage sales at Val Vista Lakes this morning.  We each found a few things but nothing that we really needed to buy - just can't pass up a good deal.  When I got back home, I finished assembling my swing - and then I took a short nap on it.  Nice!

Sunday, April 6.  Yesterday was spent just hanging around the house, doing some cleaning and laundry and just enjoying it.  

I found a 6 cylinder RAV4 on Craig's list that I just might have to go take a look at.  Most that I see are way out of my price range but I think I could handle this one if they can budge at all.  This morning I event to see it and will ponder it overnight.  They will give me a very reasonable trade in for my car (the high end of the KBB value) and will drop their price by $500.  It is clean (in better condition that mine) and will give me the 6 cylinders I might need to tow a trailer, a few other nice upgrades, and I would gain almost 30,000 miles.  I'm very tempted and have contacted Pat and Ben to see what they think.

I went to Jan and Jim's for a cocktail this afternoon and it turned out that she was having her daughters, Chuck and  Kathy, and DT from across the street in for dinner.  She had a large chicken going in the rotisserie, made some sautéed spinach, and I ran home to get some salad ingredients and we had a great dinner and a very nice time.

Monday, March 31, 2014 - AZ

I stuck close to home with the exception of a doctor appointment because this darned sinus condition I'm having is not going away, in fact it is starting to settle in my lungs.  A regimen of antibiotics should kick it in a few days.

It's hard to believe it is the last day of March.  I got a call from an old Master Gardener friend from Florida today.  Thanks for calling, Jim.  It was good to hear from you although some of your news was sad.  I appreciate our friendship.