Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Oh Boy! Another week of catch-ups to do.  

I had a sleepover with the girls last Saturday so Ben and Jill could go out for a nice, quiet dinner They went to Colita, an upscale Mexican restaurant that is a semi-finalist for a James Beard Award for their Outstanding Bar Program. They had good things to say about it.

After dinner and the girls were all showered and in their pjs, they had the ice cream snack that I brought over and we watched the movie, “Stuart Little”. We all enjoyed it. We interrupted the movie half way through and they brushed their teeth so they would be ready for bed when the movie was over. We did read a few stories but they went straight to bed after that. Charlotte and I read in my room for a bit and then she slept with me - like an Octopus for half the night.

Norah was dressed so cute on Sunday morning that I just had to get her photo.

Ben fixed a delicious breakfast of bacon and waffles, then Jill gave me a haircut while everyone else was doing chores and getting the house cleaned up.

When I got back home, Frisco and I went for a nice walk - it was in the 40s.

So here is what I have been obsessed with this week - I started it after Tom left and finally finished it Wednesday night. It was fun!

I volunteered to drive Ben to 2 periodontal appointments this week, as he was heavily medicated and not able to drive himself.  All went well with that and I did some shopping during and after that.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020

I worked 15.5 hours this week that seemed like so much more than that. For some reason, on the night before a 9am shift, My brain won’t settle and let me get to sleep so I get a full 8 hours of rest. For 2 nights this week, I got less than 6 hours of sleep before a long shift at work. Grrrrrr! 

I actually felt productive and competent on Tuesday but Thursday and Friday were too busy to have that feeling. I also made a huge mistake when I handed off another persons prescription to the wrong person. Raphael rushed to find the guy but he was already out the door. This is the scenario: I was checking out Customer 1 who had 2 scripts stapled together, Raphael was helping Customer 2 and got the transaction to the point of ringing up, he passed the prescription to me and I grabbed both and handed them to Customer 1. When  Customer 2 moved to the register, his package was gone. The fortunate thing was that Customer 1 had someone else’s prescription but it was nothing that could harm him and we were able to look him up and contact him to ask that he return the mistaken prescription. Customer 2’s prescription had to be redone and Raphael had to account for it and lecture me. I learned that getting it right is more important than getting frustrated with all of the many tasks that we were getting behind on and to focus on the task at hand regardless of the many other things going on.

I binged on the last episodes of Grace and Frankie and now have to wait until the next season to see where it all goes. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy 43rd Birthday to my son, Ben. We celebrated with his family, Jill’s parents, and me at Red Cow with beer and burgers followed by cake at their house. Their burgers are so good and I’ve been hungry for one for a while.

I got my photos to airplay on my new TV, so I spent a couple of hours looking at those that I had on my iPad. And then I got to thinking that I could connect a USB backup storage to the TV, so I started looking at photos dating back to 2003. Lots of memories!

I worked a couple of shifts last week and had a Drop Off class on Saturday. 

I booked flights to and from Gainesville, FL to visit Rudy and Sonja in early April. It will be so nice to see them once again - it has been 5 years since we have been together. It will be nice to be in a tropical climate for a few days. Tom will look for flights and join me there if the details work out for him.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I worked a couple of shifts last week while Tom was still here. We went out to dinner Thursday evening to a place that I’ve been wanting to try - The Yankee Tavern, a place that I have spotted when going shopping in that area and it looks as if it’s been there for years.  They had a prime rib special that night and other than not getting the right kind of knife, we were both very satisfied. It’s been a long time since I have had prime rib and it was delicious! Tom made dinner for me on Friday night - spaghetti with meat sauce and a nice salad. What a treat to come home to a nice meal cooked by my guy!

We got a nice walk in Saturday morning and then it was time for Tom to get ready to travel back to Arizona, not that either of us were looking forward to it. For now, we continue on as we have the last few months until something changes. We are both content with our living arrangements with the exception of not living together - some day we will figure it all out.  I took him to the airport around 3:00 and heard that he made it home ok by about 10 pm.

I finished the jigsaw puzzle that I was working on. When talking with my friend Carol a couple of weeks ago, I told that I was working on a puzzle of two old ladies and she said, “like us”. I had to agree. Today, I sent the photo to her and got a happy, heart-eyed emoji back from her.

I worked on Sunday, did nothing to speak of yesterday, and worked a 4-8pm shift today. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

And now to reconstruct once again. Our days have been busy, but at a comfortable pace. We have managed to get decent 2+ mile walks in each day and the weather has cooperated. We have had very little snow, a light dusting last Friday but none since then. Over the weekend, the temps got up to a bit above 40 degrees on Sunday.

On Saturday, we took a drive to Monticello to Swan Park where the Trumpeter Swans spend the winter on the Mississippi River in an area where the river doesn’t ice over because of a nearby power plant. The city made a little park and parking area where you can observe the many swans, Canada Geese, and some local ducks. Frisco made a friend and they wrestled and played while Tom and I had a nice conversation with his owner who is a novice photographer, there to get some good pictures of the swans. I was impressed, having seen these magestic birds only once before as a pair was migrating through the Stoughton area.

When we left there, we headed to Montissippi Regional Park where we had walked several times last summer and really enjoyed the circular trail through the woods. The temperature was comfortable and it was a very enjoyable walk.

Other than a nice walk along the Mississippi River Road trail on Sunday, we stuck around and then watched the SuperBowl in the evening with a $1 bet that that I won when the Kansas City Chiefs won the game. I’m not a big fan but was certainly cheering them on behalf of my Missouri family who are all big fans.

This afternoon, we walked a trail along the Minnesota River and got a good 3.2 mile walk in. Frisco was a trooper and made it the entire walk without tiring. He even got all frisky when we walked into the apartment and he ran to grab onto a toy, happy to be back home,