Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 1 - 5, 2014 - AZ

Thursday, January 2.  My visitors were up at 4:00 this morning in order to catch their 7:45 flights.  Lucky me, I got to go back to bed.  I certainly didn't envy their return to the extreme cold weather but glad that it was nice for them while they were here.  I so enjoyed their visit and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping up the pace.

I spent the day enjoying my home, putting it all back together, and eating leftovers.  The Christmas lights came down too.  It was a beautiful day and I spent a couple of hours this afternoon sitting in the warm sun and chatting with Arlene, while we worked on our crochet mats - a much harder task than I expected.  The materials are hard to work and it takes a lot of strength to make the stitches.  I think it will be a long, slow process.

Friday, January 3.  Connie called yesterday to see if I wanted to go for a hike and we decided that Boyce Thompson Arboretum would be a good place to go and Pat wanted to go too.  It was a good choice, although there wasn't a lot in bloom, it was still a nice hike with lots to see.  The weather was perfect.  Naturally, I couldn't leave there without a few succulents to add to my collection.

When I got back home, Sharla called to say that she and Arlene had an extra ticket to the Hale Center Theater in Giilbert and they invited me to join them.  We went to Oreganos for dinner and then to see a hilarious comedy called "Cash on Delivery".  It is a  story of how a guy finds a loophole where he got a hefty government check each month and how convoluted things get because he wants to keep them coming but his lies keep getting more and more twisted.  The acting was excellent and we laughed and laughed.  The theater is small, without a bad seat in it and the stage is right in the center.  A great time, thanks to my great neighbor, Arlene and her daughter Sharla.