Monday, June 9, 2014

June 2-8, 2014, SF

Tuesday, June 3.  Jill has been off this week so we are getting lots of things in order in preparation for the big day.  Our walking and sitting spaces in the apartment are getting smaller and smaller because of the boxes taking up space on the floor.  Frisco is now aware that something is going on and he is feeling a little insecure.  He is so good with all of the children and they find him entertaining too.  When I ask the twins where Frisco is, they look in his direction.

Camille got her first tooth yesterday, and Norah is working on her second.  They are both trying to go from sitting to crawling positions but aren't very good at it yet - meaning that they are doing nose dives just about every time.  They are also starting to clap and do "gimme fives".

Friday, June 6.  Oh boy, we are getting close now.  Today marks both Ben and Jill's last days at their jobs here in SF.  Jill has been off this week but has come down with some nasty virus that has really got her feeling bad.  It is a good thing that she hasn't had to work but today she does and is feeling worse than she has earlier in the week.  Now, let's hope that the rest of us can fight it off.  I've been taking Emergen-C, hoping that will boost my immune system and prevent me from picking it up.

Yesterday, I organized my stuff, so that I am randy to move on.  I still have to get the stuff for the dogs organized but that is a last minute thing, since I can't load anything in the car yet because it will be used to transport all of us and luggage to the hotel on Sunday.  The next few days are going to be busy ones.

Saturday, June 7.  Today and tomorrow are the big push days to finish getting everything packed.  What remains are to plan clothing for the next couple of weeks, stuff that has to go with them to Minneapolis, finish packing the kitchen and the basement.  I will do my best to keep the kids fed and occupied so Ben and Jill can take care of business.

We packed and packed and packed today.  One more day of it before it all gets loaded on a big truck and heads down the highway.  I'm tired and my bones are aching.

Sunday, June 8.  Whew!  This morning I headed out to drop Frisco at Dog Camp and to pick Connie up at the airport in Oakland.  When we got back to the house, the kids were all asleep so we went down the street to the Garden Cafe for some sandwiches.  From that point on, Connie and I have been on the move.  

When the twins woke up, we gave them bottles, tucked them in the stroller and headed to the Seal Rock Inn where we will be spending the next 2 nights.  We have 2 rooms - one for Connie and I and all of the "stuff", the other room is for Ben, Jill, and the kids - with Charlotte in a twin sized "big girl" bed for the first time.

Jill brought Charlotte over when she got up from her nap and Connie and I took over - nonstop until everyone was in bed.  It wasn't easy getting CC down, as she was so excited about meeting Connie and staying in a hotel and all of this in preparation for moving to Minneapolis.  Ben and Jill were working at the apartment until 10:00.