Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 3 - 9, 2015, Wi

 Wednesday, August 5.  Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Pat!  The numbe keeps getting higher and that is a good thing.

My week has been nice so far, starting with morning walks with Dawn.  We have headed east, west and done the Yahara River walk, each time getting in at least 2 miles.  During the days, I have visited with Fran, cleaned the trailer, and done some shopping yesterday with Tracey.  She found the dress that I bought for Ashley's wedding and I'm thankful that is over.  It felt good to get her out of the house, ass she is still suffering from the migraines, but adding activities to her day like water exercise and some cooking and is spending less time in her dark bedroom - I think the intensity is decreasing and her vision has improved a bit.

A cold front came through here on Sunday night and the days have been in the low 80s with night dropping down in the 60s.  Perfect summer weather.

Sunday, August 9.  I wasn't feeling so good when I went to bed last night, so I checked my blood pressure and found that it has been going up since I changed medications about 2 weeks ago.  I checked again this morning and it had gone up even more, so I decided to go to Urgent Care and be checked out.  The doctor there wasn't real alarmed with the numbers and agreed with me that it might just be the medication, so he gave me a prescription to increase it a little bit and also gave me assurance that I'm ok and I didn't need to be alarmed.  You just never know.

This evening, I met up with several old friends from Milwaukee at the North Shore Inn on Lake Koshkonong.  They had a pool going on where you pay $3.00 for a number on a board and you get $300.00 if your number is called.  Guess who the lucky one was?  Me!!!!  I was informed that the winner usually buys a round of drinks for those who played, so I left there with an extra $240.  Yee Ha!
We had a wonderful time, the first that I have seen Leslie since she lost her husband, Tom, in January.
    Chris, Linda, me, Nancy, Jane, and Leslie