Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 22 - 28, 2016, AZ

Thursday, February 25.  
Almost through the week already, so I'm just going to write about the highlights.  Monday - a walk with Connie through the desert path not far from home and a soothing soak in the pool.  A woman driving by my house noticed the for sale sign and me at the mailbox, so she came in for a look around. I had the feeling that she really liked the house, spent an hour with me, very curious, and even a bit of negotiating.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her since - Darn!

On Tuesday, the local Wisconsinites - Pat, Rog, Jim, Sue, Norm, Chris and Gerry and Jeannie (from Minnesot) all met at the Val Vista Village shuffleboard courts and patio for happy hour. We had a great time, storytelling and laughing, then it started to cool off and we had to start moving to stay warm.  We did that by playing a game of shuffleboard with Pat and Rog being the trainers.  In fact, Pat won the gold medal in the Senior Olympics today in ladies singles shuffleboard.  You go, girl!

Wednesday morning, I had a cleaning job then came home and took a little nap - so sleepy after a restless night.  In the evening, several folks from my community rode the bus to the Golden Sun Community to see a Jersey Boy's tribute band.  It was very entertaining, good singers and performers and a very enjoyable evening with friends.

This morning I stayed home and enjoyed it until I had to go have my teeth cleaned.  My student hygienist, Paige, worked hard to clean the stain and tartar from my teeth and she did an excellent job.  I am very impressed with her work starting with the X-rays taken at my last visit, her thoroughness and gentle touch.  Her dentist instructor had great things to say about her work too.  I have had nothing but good experiences going to Carrington College Hygiene School for this work, I get great service and not pay a dime.

Friday, February 26.  Sue and I walked the nature trail this morning, so peaceful and quiet except for the chattering of birds and the occasional barking of dogs.  When I got back here me, I got ambitious and oiled and polished all of the wood furniture and treated the leather chair seats and backs - a job that feels good to be done with and in this climate, much needed.

I discovered that my Octopus Agave is going to bloom - it kind of makes me excited to see the flower but sad because that means the end of the parent plant.  I plan to take photos as it progresses.  At this point the flower stalk is about a foot over the top of the plant which is about 4 feet tall.

This evening, we drove to the Mesa Drive Metro parking lot and took the light rail to Mill Ave. a crazy guy with a bike got on and was talking rather heatedly to some of the passengers until Security showed up and escorted him off the train - a bit uncomfortable for us small town Wisconsinites.  

We then walked to Rula Bula Irish Pub and Restaurant, got a nice table in the outdoor courtyard, ordered a round of beers and talked, laughed, and ate through the evening.  The setting is so nice and the food was excellent too.  Rog said it was the best fish he has had in Arizona - and they have tried many.

Sunday, February 28.  I felt like crap all day yesterday, a major allergy attack, sinus headache and feeling really under the weather.  I felt a little better this morning, so I followed through with my plan to go see Monica and Loren's new pool, then go on a hike.  Loren was called in to work this morning, but he finished and was able to go with us.  We went to Thunderbird Park and hiked about a 2.5 mile trail, then stopped for breakfast at a nice little neighborhood I'd restaurant. It was so nice to hangs out with Monica and Loren. Hiking probably wasn't the best thing for me to do, as I felt even worse when I got back home.