Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 9 - 15, 2017, AZ

Monday, January 9.  It has been 7 years since our little grandson, Owen Quinn Bridge was stillborn in San Francisco.  What a tragic, tormenting, and sad thing for our family to go through.  I keep imagining a cute little 7-year old big brother to those 3 little girls.  So, I'm wearing the locket that has his last ultrasound photo and a lock of his hair close to my heart and I will burn a candle in his memory today.

I saw an Orthopedic doctor today to have my left knee checked out and he found nothing on the x-rays and while poking an prodding, twisting and turning, there were no hurts.  His diagnosis is arthritis and inflammation, injected a shot of cortisone in the knee and prescribed some PT that starts on Wednesday.  If it's not cleared up in 6 weeks, I will need an MRI to see if there is something internal, like damage to the miniscus.

Friday, January 13.  I started physical therapy on Wednesday and all went well and nothing was too painful except the stationary bike.  One of the machines is a vibrator where the feet are on a pad that vibrates - that one feels really good.  I tried to increase my walks this week and also managed to ride my bike around the park one day, then had PT again on Friday.

I worked on trimming Kirk's lemon tree one day and filled up his and my trash cans, so had to quit, but there is still a bit of trimming of higher branches to do.  I put a box full of lemons next to the sidewalk to give away and most of it went.  There were a few left that I took to the clubhouse for folks to help themselves.

The new Highlands Community Club officers met at Joe's house on Thursday afternoon to talk about how the new President wants to structure things this year.  His main interest is communication, trying to get more involvement, increasing membership, and bringing in a few more fun activities.  That meeting was followed by another at the clubhouse that included all of the area reps - lots of good discussion and suggestions.

Tonight, we had a pizza party followed by a DJ and a dance.  I met a couple of new residents, one living next door to Karen (when she gets here) and she will be happy to learn that she is a fellow Wisconsinite and Green Bay Packer backer.  Shortly after the dance started, Cookie wasn't feeling good, she collapsed to the floor and the EMTs were called. She was carried off on a stretcher to the hospital.  She was white as a ghost and had a low pulse and blood pressure.  I had talked with her briefly after dinner, she looked so pretty tonight, was sad that they sold their house today, danced a few with Max, and then this happened.  I sure hope that she is all right.

I danced most of the night and had a good time.

Sunday, January 15.   It was another cloudy day, but I just couldn't sit around the house again, so Connie and I took a drive along Bush Highway through the Tonto National Forest to see if we could spot any wild horses.  Sure enough, we barely made the first curve when we spotted a couple of cars parked along the road and people taking photos of horses.  There is so much lush, green grass for them to eat right now.  We continued along, pulling into some of the recreation areas, and saw a total of 8 of them.  At Butcher Jones Rec Area, we walked the path along the river for a while but spotted only a couple of fishermen, no horses.

This is at Butcher Jones, the Saguaro Lake Marina is behind us.

The desert is so green right now.

I got to FaceTime with Ben and his family for a while in Sunday afternoon. They had all been sledding that morning and it sounds like it was good times and fast rides.