Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 1 - 7, 2018, AZ

OSaturday , January 6, 2018.  Happy Birthday, Randy!  It's hard to believe my younger brother is 61 years old today.  Makes me feel old.

It's been a good week, with only one work day.  On that day, I took on two more cleaning jobs for Carl in the near future - one is just before Tom and I head out for our next camping trip to Roper Lake State Park.

On Wednesday, we headed to downtown Phoenix to meet Tom's sister, Geri, her granddaughter, Allee and her great grandson, Josiah at the Children's museum.  When we got to the parking lot, Tom got a text from Geri that she forgot about the time difference between CA and AZ and she would be arriving an hour later.  We strolled around Heritage Square, stopped and had some coffee and got back to the parking lot just as she pulled in.  It was nice to meet them and nice to be around a kid again.  Josiah had lots of fun and we had fun watching him have fun.  We had lunch together, a little more exploring and then said our goodbyes before heading back home.

     Tom and Geri

   Josiah and Alee

I got the minutes for the last HCC meeting typed and distributed, my last duties as Secretary and then met with Delores, who is taking my place.  I passed off my notebook and keys and gave her some training on the duties.  

Tom had an appointment Friday morning and I went to a few garage sales and an estate sale.  In the afternoon, I met Janice at the clubhouse and gave her some training on the job of keeping the supply room stocked.  Another Highlands job delegated and I am once more retired - from those responsibilities anyway.

While watching TV tonight, I got a call from Jacki B's daughter, who is here to help her get settled in an assisted living home - she has been on the decline since late summer and just can't stay in her hands me any more.  She asked me to clean Jacki's house to get it ready for real estate agent to show it, so I'll be doing that on Sunday (already have 3 jobs scheduled this week). In just a week, they have emptied the house and got it on the market and got Jacki settled in at Arbor Rose.

Tom and I went to McDowell Mountain Regional Park today and hiked the Scenic Trail, it ended up being a 4.1 mile hike.  A beautiful day - not too warm because of the light clouds in the sky.  The trail was pretty easy without a lot of steep climbs and the trail wasn't too rocky.  Frisco got a bit tired, but recovered after a rest and a snack and water.  He usually isn't too interested in drinking water while we're hiking.  A great day.