Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The hot days lately (low 90s with humidity) have shortened our daily walks although we still get close to 3 miles in each day. We didn’t do much on 4th of July, took Frisco for an early walk to avoid fireworks, then Tom and I walked along the river in hopes of seeing fireworks on the horizon. We got to chatting with a guy and walked with hm for quite a while. He was a Vietnam Vet, so we thanked him for his service and that opened the door and he told us of his experiences, his wife’s bad health and how he wouldn’t be able to care for her much longer, and how his family is protecting them from COVID. I guess he really needed to talk and we let him. We stood at the overlook and watched fireworks in the distance and got a good look at the full moon. There was an eclipse of the moon tonight too, but we didn’t wait around to see it.  I was expecting there to be many more people with the same idea, but there were only a few.  

My photos didn’t turn out so great, but here they are anyway.