Monday, December 7, 2020

Monday, December 7, 2020

My parents were married on this date in 1946, they would be celebrating 74 years of marriage today.

It was a busy week, as I continue to settle into my apartment. I now have most of the boxes unpacked and gone through and have found a place for most things that I want out.  I haven’t hung any pictures yet, but did buy (on marketplace) a couple of metal sunburst sculptures for the kitchen wall.  In this apartment, the bedroom has a lot more space than the living room, especially since I still have my round oak table and chairs that now seem way too big for the space they are in. I’m not sure if I’m ready to part with any of them.

The weather here has been great for December, with temps up in the 40’s, so Frisco and I have checked out a couple of parks where we can get a good walk in every now and then. The sidewalks around the immediate area are few and far between, although there is a large sports complex two blocks away that has walking paths around it - at least a mile’s worth.

My evening have been occupied with a project that I started last summer - miniature woodland animals made from felt - cut, stitched, stuffed, and tucked into a leaf pillow.  Mine didn’t turn out quite like the photo that sparked my interest, but they are still very cute.  They will be gifts for the girls for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas - I got my tree up and a wreath hung on the door, but I sure can’t get my head around gifts for my loved ones and the clock is ticking.

Yesterday morning, I made a large pot of 15 Bean Soup, so I could share it with Ben and family.  Later in the afternoon, I met up with them at the Minnehaha Dog Park, so we could all walk and Yoshi could socialize. He is 4-months old now and is doing well as far as sticking close by, but is still timid with the larger dogs. Everyone loves him and wants to greet him.  The girls just love walking along the rivers here, as there are lots of fallen trees for them to climb on.  This is the only photo that I got.