Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday, March 16, 2020

Happy 36th Anniversary to my dear friends, Pat and Roger. Mike and I were married 10 years more than them and our anniversaries were one week apart. For many years, we did a spring anniversary trip together, visiting places like Memphis, New Orleans, Laughlin, and Chicago, we always managed to find somewhere to go for a long weekend getaway.  After Mike and I moved away from Stoughton, they would come to visit us and then we went to Key West, San Antonio, Austin, San Francisco, Sutter’s Mill, Calistoga, and Mesa. I have lots of great memories of those trips and we always had good times together.

I had a dental hygiene appointment last Friday but when I got there I learned that they are no longer in my insurance network, so I didn’t follow through and will have to find another in network dentist. Luckily, there is one right across the street from me that has lots of positive reviews and I was able to get an appointment there for later in the month.

I wasn’t able to get together with the family over the weekend as Norah had a fever, was tested negative for COVID, and the rest of them had sniffles.  

I always need some kind of project to keep busy with, so this week it was acquiring and recovering an ottoman/coffee table for my living room. Again, Facebook Marketplace is my go to resource for stuff that I can buy cheap.  I picked up an ottoman for free but when I got it home, it was way too big for my space, so I posted it on the board here and it went to Kathy. That turned out to be a good connection, as she and I had met briefly and I learned that she walks every day and we can do some walks together.  Then, I found another that I paid $15 for and it is just the right size, but is a glider. I removed the glider mechanism and replaced that with some wood feet that I got from Lowes ($12) and painted. I found fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby ($21) and proceeded to take apart and recover. I love how it turned out and it adds some pattern to my living room.  

I’m all about blue lately.  When I shop for clothing, I always find something that I like that is blue. Now, both my bedroom and living room are done in blues and grays.

The old, heavy wood box that I have used for a coffee table is finding a new home at Ben’s house. It is a tool chest that belonged to Mike’s grandfather, Bert Bridge. I snagged it from their basement and have treated the wood to keep it in nice shape through the years,