Saturday, November 20, 2021

Saturday, November 20, 2021, MN

Jill’s 96 year old Grandmother passed away last week and Ben asked if I could stay at their house with Yoshi (I’m not allowed to have guest pets at my apartment) when they go to the funeral in Iowa. No problem! Then on Thursday, he called to tell me that Norah tested positive for Covid in at at-home test, so to make sure, the entire family went in for a test and she was the only one.  Since I had been with Norah and Camille last weekend, I made an appointment and went in for a test that afternoon and got my results last night - negative! I’m am one happy Grandma! So…they cancelled their plans to go to Grandma’s funeral and have rearranged their sleeping space and prepared the house for distance learning on Monday and Tuesday while they are under quarantine, hoping that the rest of the family doesn’t get it. So far, so good.

In hopes of shedding a few pounds, I have been on a Detoxification program for a week now and am down 4.5 pounds. I haven’t missed so many of those things that I thought I found satisfying - sugar, meat, breads and pasta, or alcohol and I’ve stuck to doing my 15 minute aerobic workouts every day. Kind of amazing and I question why it took me so long to get inspired to drop a few pounds.  The intent of this 14-day program of eating vegetables and fruits only is to alkalize the body which helps to clear the liver, kidney, and bowel to improve function and get your body into burning fat. We shall see. All I know for sure is that my waistline kept expanding little by little, my clothes weren’t fitting, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, and I just wasn’t feeling good about my body.

We had some wintry weather this week. If it weren’t for the high winds most days, it would have been really nice, as the daily temps were in the 40s. I didn’t do a whole lot of outdoor walking this week.