Saturday, December 11, 2021

Saturday, December 11, 2021, MN

We had a small amount of snow on Monday and it was light and fluffy and made everything look like a winter wonderland.  This is my view and I just love looking out at the trees every day.

My week was good.  I got together with Mavis on Wednesday and we went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory, as there was a holiday floral exhibit going on.  It was very pretty, but just seeing all of the tropical plants in the Conservatory was worth the trip.  The smell was delightful, then I have always love the earthy smells that came along with gardening.

When we walked through the Primate exhibit, this guy was in a back corner when we got there and he came right up to the window, anxious for some contact with humans, I think. He was actually eating the cardboard box that the food came in and had all of this green powdery stuff around his mouth. When we walked by to the next exhibit, the young Orangutans were playing in sheets, covering up with them and rolling around and having a ball. I got a big kick out of that and couldn’t help laughing out loud.  They were like silly little kids.

I also had a repeat cleaning job yesterday with one client from the condo complex across the street.  All went well until I backed into a plant stand and it tipped over and hurled potting soil all over the white carpet.  In a panic, I tried to clean it up with the new vacuum cleaner that she had just bought and got wet dirt in that.  I ended up contacting her to let her know what happened and had  to leave the mess until it dried out. I didn’t take any pay when I left and I offered to try to finish cleaning it up or to cover the cost of professional cleaning. Now, I wonder if she will ever want me back, as she texted me this morning and offered to mail me a check, even after I offered to come by to pick it up and to clean up the mess that I made. We shall see, I guess.  What a disaster and I feel terrible about it.

Well, this is what my world looked like this morning when I work - the word is that we got 20” yesterday.  It took at least an hour to shovel out my car and to clear the snow off of it. Fortunately, I have a sunup space to park, so that helped to melt the snow off.  This is not my car, but it looks just like mine did: