Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday, June 26 - WI

We have been busy.  On Monday, we went to Madison to several grocery stores and Costco to check out their party trays for Sunday's gathering.  We also went to Lake Farm Park where I have a shelter reserved.  The shelter is nice and has everything we will need - now, if only the weather cooperates for us.  From there, we stopped at Mike's brother Tom's house for a visit with him and Karen and to make more plans and to see the easel they borrowed from the Senior Center to hold the photo board.  Frisco and Tara had a good time playing together.

Pat had some errands to run on Tuesday, so I stayed home and got my house cleaning fix - a way that I can help pay for my keep.

Each of the last 3 mornings, we have woke up to pouring rain and the rain gauge showed 2.5 inches, 3 inches, and 3 inch, respectively.  On Wednesday morning, sllof our iPhones went off with a flash flood warning from the National Weather Service.  There was a pond in the back of the yard with 2 ducks swimming in it.  There also was water seeping into the basement and Pat spent the morning sucking it up with the wet vac as fast as it came in.

I went to Wyocena to see Mom again and she was really distant today.  I showed her the slide show from Mike's memorial and expected that she would recognize some of the people in the photos, but she didn't know any of them.  Even when I reminded her or told her about what was going on in the photo, she drew a blank.  It is sad to me, but she seems to be content and in good health.

I stopped at South Towne and had lunch with Pat H on my way home.