Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3 - 9, 2014, SF

Monday, March 3.  The good news this morning is that Camille slept all through the night and ?Norah only woke up once for a feeding but went right back to sleep.  Yay!  Although this doesn't really affect my sleep, it sure is a good thing for their parents.  

We took the girls to the Academy of Sciences and had a very nice morning. The twins were not fussy at all and Charlotte was cooperative and very interested, as always.  When we left, we strolled through the fountains at the Music Concourse and CC loved all of the seagulls begging for food as folks say around on the benches eating their lunches.  As we were loading the car (2 babies, diaper bag, jackets, and 2 strollers), Charlotte started walking backwards along the sidewalk, telling us that she was running away.  We have been reading some stories about bunnies that ran away from their moms - she doesn't miss a lick.

Tuesday, March 4.  I'm remembering my brother, Rocco, today who has been gone from us for 12 years now.  He would be turning 65 today, was just 10 months younger than me.  He was a cute guy of small build, a lover of sports, a loyal friend, and a hippie who came of age in the late 60s.  I still miss him.

Jill and I went on a 2-hour walk through Golden Gate Park with the twins this afternoon.  The weather was pretty warm, although cloudy and a little foggy.  It felt so good to get out for some much needed fresh air.  Check out this gnarly tree that we saw along the path.

Thursday, March 6.  There has been a breakthrough with the twins' sleeping habits this week.  Camille has slept through the night for the last 3 nights and Norah slept through last night.  Like I've said before, this doesn't really have an affect on me, but it sure is going to help their parents to feel better.

It seems that they have really changed in the last few days - they look bigger, are more coordinated at grabbing at things and holding onto them and Camille is on the verge of rolling over from back to belly. We assembled the Jumparoo yesterday and they both that that was great fun, although their feet don't quite touch the floor yet.

Friday, March 7.  Its a beautiful day here, with warm sunny skies.   When I got back from taking Charlotte to daycare this morning, the twins were awake from their naps already it had only been 15-20 minutes.  So, I loaded them up in the stroller and we headed out for a walk.  It wasn't long and I was shedding my jacket.

I took advantage of the quiet time to catch up on some phone calls - had a very nice conversation with my brother, Bob and also with my friend, Connie.

Feeding time.  I've got a system down now.

Sunday, March 9.  Big News!  Charlotte used the potty for the first time today.  She has had big girl undies on her mind, protesting diapers and sometime taking them off by herself, and showing a general interest in trying the potty - both at home and at daycare.  We are all hoping that now is the time - it will make our lives so much easier.

Jill took the twins for a photo shoot today (her friend just started an infant shoe business and wanted the girls' photos for her website).  While she was off doing that, Ben and I took Charlotte to 
Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, rented a paddle boat and cruised the lake.  We saw lots of geese, ducks, seagulls, turtles, and even a fish.  Charlotte enjoyed it - we could tell by her giggles, but wasn't real talkative and eager to hold onto my hand most of the time.  Ben had to do all of the paddling as my feet wouldn't reach the pedals.  Ha! Ha! It was enjoyable.

After our boat ride, we went to Arizmendi Bakery at 9th and Irving for a slice of delicious pizza. Jill was in the neighborhood, so she joined us for some lunch.  Imagine her walking down the street carrying 2 car seats.  We were watching for her, but didn't see her until she was 3 doors away.  I struggle with carrying 1.  It was a very nice morning on a warm but cloudy day.