Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7 - 13, 2014, WI

Tuesday, July 7.  My morning walks around Stoughton sure bring back memories; houses I lived in, houses my friends lived in, schools, ice skating rinks, playgrounds, parks, and cemeteries - it's a good place to be for the summer.

I've been keeping myself busy most of the time but have also found time to take a few naps.  For some reason, I'm finding it very easy to sleep these days.  In fact, some nights I have been getting 9-10 hours of sleep.  I've never been able to do that before in my life.

This morning after my walk, I stopped to say hello to Dawn and Rich and asked to use their computer to print the forms I need to register and license my trailer in Arizona.  It took 2 additional trips over there (only a block away from Pat's house) - first to print the forms and then to make copies of the documents I have to send (I want to prove that I've sent them if I should get pulled over with no plates).  That job is out of the way - yay!

This afternoon, Patty picked me up and we went to Culver's to meet up with 7 other classmates - they have been meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  We had a great time chatting with lots of laughter and stories to tell.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back, there sat this group of white haired old ladies in the corner - it felt strange to be a part of that group - and when I mentioned it, none of us really felt we were that old.

I watched The Hunger Games, Catching Fire tonight, the second in the trilogy.  I was impressed with how well the movies have followed the books.  The TV in the trailer works great, but I haven't figured out how to play music from my phone through it, although it does have a USB connection.  There's got to be a way.

Wednesday, July 8.  I got busy this morning doing some cleaning on the trailer, wiped up the floors and got rid of some glue on the bathroom floor.  The glue removal was quite the job and nothing worked until I tried WD40 - that softened it enough to be able to get it off.  Now I know how to clean the other 2 spots that have residual glue on them.

Another item on my to do list was to print a few photos of Mom for the family gathering that is scheduled for Saturday.  A project that should have taken a few minutes ended up being over an hour, mainly because I didn't know what I was doing and the guy that works there was also helping other customers.

I had a haircut appointment this afternoon with Marion, the gal that has cut my hair since about 1998.  It is always nice to see her, get a good haircut, and to get an update on her and her kids (she was just a kid when we met her).

From there, I went shopping in Monona for a few items that I still need for the trailer but I came back home empty handed.  I guess I'll have to shop Amazon since I'm not finding what I want.

Thursday, July 10.  I had a great conversation with my old friend, Carol, this morning and arranged to go spend a couple of days with her at her home near Lake Michigan next month.  I also had a long talk with my sister-in-law, Rosemary.  It sounds like I might be seeing her at Mom's memorial on Saturday and that would be great.

I spent the afternoon with Dawn today.  Rich had some errands to run and they don't feel comfortable leaving her alone (she is hooked up with IV antibiotics and a drainage tube).  We sat and talked for a long time, then just couldn't sit any longer, so I helped with a couple of gardening projects.  The first project we did together - washing aphids and scale off of a couple of house plants and then I planted a few things in her perennial beds that were still in pots.  There is always something to do in her gardens and I plan to go back again next week to help out some more.

Saturday, July 12.  I was at Tom and Karen's by 9 and at Schluter Park by 9:45 in order to reserve the gazebo for Mom's memorial gathering (first come, first served). Tom and Karen did a wonderful job of putting this all together, including great food, photos, a nice banner, and contacting everyone who might be interested.  A really nice touch was that he passed out marbles to everyone that could be cashed in on a double scoop of Babcock Hall Ice Cream - the BEST ice cream in the area - at the little ice cream shop across the street.  There was a nice turnout of family including Mike's sister, Patty (from Ocala, FL), who I haven't seen in 5 years and Ben and Jill and family came down from Minneapolis, and some close friends.  It was a nice gathering in Mom's memory.  The timing was perfect as it was starting to rain as we packed up and the rain continued all through the night.  In fact, it was too loud to watch a movie in the trailer.

My emotions were in check most of the day, but when I dropped Patty off at Tom's and got hugs, I lost it - a family gathering should have Mom, Mike, and Dan in it.  Things are certainly changing quickly.

Sunday, July 13.  I met up with Ben and his family and we all went to Elmside Park so the kids and Ruby could get some run around time in before their long trek back to Minneapolis.  It was a short but sweet visit and they were on the road by 1:00.  

I didn't get many photos - I was too busy visiting.