Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27 - 31, 2014, AZ

Tuesday, October 28.  Yesterday was a normal workday, and I started at 8:00, so I was up at the crack of dawn in order to get enough coffee drinking time in, get Frisco walked, and get myself ready.  It is nice to get back home at 2:00.  On my way home, I got to thinking that I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday, so I called to remind my boss of the arrangement that we had made, I would work on Thursday instead.

Today started out strange, because I realized during the night that my dentist appointment is next week.  So I called work and told them I would be in at 10, as scheduled.  She had gotten someone else to fill in for me, so I made up booklets for guests, did some filing, and sat with another trainee and worked through reservations together. When she left for the day, I finished up.

Kathy arranged a ladies night out tonight at the Grandview at the Painted Mountain Golf Club and we met up with some of Connie's friends that she line dances with, so there ended up being 12 of us.  Harry Mathews was quite entertaining, interacting with the crowd, teaching line dances, and just plain being crazy.  It was a fun night out, full of dancing and hanging out with friends, and a great workout too.

Friday, October 31.  This is weird.  I am typing but the letters on my keyboard are not visible (ipad) - something spooky is going on here.  I am having my coffee, looking out the window, and the sky is gorgeous.  

Hey, my keyboard is back, it must be a problem with the app that I'm using.  Yesterday was my day off and I spent most of it at home, just trying to get a few things done.  I cleaned up the carport where Pat and Roger's car has been stored and that led to rearranging the shed.  I have to find a way to store the garden tools so I don't have to move several of them every time I need one.  Guess I'll have to check Pinterest out.  I did manage to get organized and set aside a few things for our community's upcoming patio sales.

I had a nice conversation with Jill while the kids were napping and got to see a rug that she just bought and the fence that they had installed between the house and the garage.  Ben has been working hard on the back yard and has it all leveled and seeded, ready for beautiful grass next spring.

Connie and I went over to Pat and Rogers for happy hour, had a nice chat and a good Old Fashioned.