Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15 - 21, 2014

Monday, December 15.  It's a good thing I checked the work schedule yesterday because I learned that I am working Tuesday-Thursday this week.  I had told Arlene that I would take her shopping on Thursday but she was good with changing to Monday.  She wanted to get some gifts for her daughter and that is who usually takes her shopping.  I picked up a couple of tops for myself, didn't try them on and they didn't fit right when I did try them on.  Back to Kohls I go.  

I got a lot done this morning before heading out shopping - my reservation for the family reunion is made, my office is cleaned up from the Christmas wrap and gifts, bathrooms are cleaned, and I even got the back yard cleaned up a bit.  Last week, I bought a new battery for my blower but when I charged it up and put it in, I wasn't able to get it back out.  I got a rubber gripper and still couldn't pull it out.  I took it over to Chuck and he couldn't get it out.  So I took it back to Home Depot and they thought that the specs for the new battery are just a tiny bit larger and that is why it got stuck.  I got my money back and now I'm without a blower again.  Darn, that makes the job of cleaning up the patio, carport, and yard so much easier.  Arlene said I could use hers any time, so I might have to take her up on it.

When I went to bed tonight, I found Frisco all nestled in among the pillows.  I haven't posted a photo of him for a while, so here goes.

Thursday, December 18.  It has been a year since Mom Bridge passed away.  It's sad, but she lived a good, long life, 95 years long.  The last few that were spent in the nursing home weren't the greatest, but she was loved and got good care.  I miss her - even just writing her notes to keep her informed of the family news - phone calls got too difficult in the last year or so.  Sweet, sweet woman!

I called Sharon, just to chat, and heard Dan's voice on the recording - I love hearing his voice, but it sure made me feel sad too.  Then I got tears in my eyes when I saw a video of Charlotte's first ever recital. She is only 3.  It was so cute!  

Connie came over for a drink and we caught up with the happenings of the last week.

I just finished dinner.  I splurged and spent a whole $8.00 on a tender, juicy, melt in your mouth filet mignon, sautéed some mushrooms, and a piece of cake.  And I topped it off with a glass of wine.  Still, it would be so much more enjoyable if Mike were here to share it with me.  I really miss him at meal time - we always sat together at the dining room table for meals and they just aren't as enjoyable these days.

At work this week, we learned that the park has been sold to Equity Lifestyle Properties - the company that owns the community where I live. There is a lot of speculation abou how this will affect the employees and the park.  Judging by how they operate my park, I don't have real positive feelings about it all.  Regardless, it won't have a serious effect on me - I only work there and collect my paycheck - it is NOT a career.

Sunday, December 21.  On Friday night, I picked up Pat and Roger and we headed to Craig and Diane's (friends from Wisconsin that Mike and I both worked with at Hazleton Labs) where we had a drink (Diane makes a yummy Cosmopolitan) before heading to the American Legion for fish fry.  It doesn't matter that I haven't seen them in almost 2 years, the conversation just picks up where we left off and it seems like only yesterday.  We had lots of good talk and laughter.  The Legion hall is huge and the food was good too.

On Saturday, I did a little bit of shopping and then I prepped for tonight's Chrismas dinner with the Hooveys.  We had grilled lobster, garlic potatoes, pineapple salad, and pumpkin pie - unfortunately, the whipped cream bottle broke when Rog opened it, so no cream for our pie.  We had a very nice dinner and exchanged gifts - I got a cute little retro trailer soap dispenser.  I love it!

The week was topped off with a London bus tour of local Christmas lights, starting at the Mormon Temple in Mesa, then moving on to neighborhoods in Gilbert and Chandler.  Pat and I rode in the front seat at the top of the bus and had a great view.  We stopped at 2 of the neighborhoods and walked around, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps - yumm!