Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29 - 31, 2014, AZ

Tuesday, December 30.  When I took my job at Mesa Spirit, I didn't bargain for what I've gotten the last 2 days.  Yesterday, a meeting was held, introducing us to the new management and we were given applications and forms to sign for our employment with Equity Lifestyles Properties. In the afternoon, they met with the workcampers - folks who work in exchange for their site - they don't get a paycheck.  They were told that they would be employees, collect a salary, and pay for their sites at 1/2 the regular rate (about $360.00/month).  Many of them did not go along with this and decided to leave the park.  So that leaves 3 of us receptionists who draw a paycheck and a mass exodus of workcampers.

Today, we were unable to make any changes in the computer, had to manually track money, and there is a huge volume of people coming in between now and January 1 or shortly thereafter.  I don't know how these changes will affect me, I am not willing to give many more hours than what I originally agreed to.  Right now, nobody has answers to the many, many questions that employees and guests have.  We shall see.  

I went for a nice walk this afternoon with Frisco and stopped to talk with a few friends along the way.  We have had a few cold nights that dropped close to freezing, now a few that are more moderate, and then they are predicting below freezing temperatures for New Years Eve and the next night.  I'll have to cover up my plants again tomorrow night to protect them from possible frost.

Wednesday, December 31.  Another work day and I agreed to give them an extra couple of hours until closing time at 3:00.  It was a busy day and tomorrow will be another one, with 50 or so scheduled to arrive.

I made myself a nice dinner of Filet Mignon, sautéed mushrooms, salad, and a glass of wine.  

Happy New Year to me!

was planning on going to the party at the clubhouse tonight, but at the last minute, I put my PJs on and settled in for the night.  I know it would have been a great time, I just didn't feel like going.  I kind of feel like I may be coming down with something - I sure hope not!  I never even saw midnight.

Happy New Year!