Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 13 - 19, 2015, AZ

Wednesday, April 15.  I have been so busy this week, doing projects that need to be done before my summer travels start.  Speaking of travels, I have my trip routed, including the rv parks wherei will stay along the way, taking about 8 days getting to Florida, staying for a couple of weeks and then another 4-5 getting to Stoughton, where I will stay a few days and then move on to Minneapolis, about 4,000 miles.

I had some finishing touches to do on the curtains for the trailer, and I got them done.  The curtain rod stops and buttons to hold the tie backs are made out of wine corks and that goes well with the wine cork bulletin board that I made from glueing half corks to a yardstick - I now can have a few photos with me.

I also replaced the window and door screens with UV protection screens that have a dual purpose- privacy (I can see out, they can't see in) and they will help to keep it cooler.

Today, I shopped for summer outfits to take to the grandkids.  I made several stops and then ended up ordering them online, got a much better deal, free shipping, and got $50 to spend the next time.

Saturday, April 18.  My friend, Connie, has been in poor health all this week, suffering terribly from a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up. Jan took her to the doctor on Thursday and I have been helping with meals, groceries, picking up prescriptions and whatever I can do to help out.  I hate to see her hurting so.

Tonight, I joined my neighbor, Betty, and about 25 of her family and friends to celebrate her 80th birthday at the Olive Garden.  What a bunch of great people and a fun, fun, time.  One of the wait staff, Anthony, sang happy birthday to her and was he good!  He will go on to a successful career as a singer.

Sunday, April 19.  I stopped by Connie's house this morning to check on her and asked if she wanted to get out of the house for a while.  She was able to get a good nights sleep and is feeling better except for her shoulders and hands that are still swollen and painful.  And, yes, she wanted to get out of the house.  She called when she was ready and we stopped for a breakfast sandwich and then found a nice table under a large tree at the MCC Rose Garden.  We then strolled through the gardens and admired many of the beautiful roses.


I dropped Frisco back at home, gave him a bath, trimmed his nails and cleaned his ears and then took Connie to the grocery store.

Tonight, I joined Arlene's family again for dinner at Pier de'Orleans - this time to celebrate her sister, Marilyn's upcoming 80th birthday (December), because her family won't be around then. The food was delicious and I was in great company once again.