Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6 - 12, 2015, AZ

Tuesday, April 7.  I arrived at work this morning at the usual time, 8:00, only to see a sign on the door that said the new office hours were from 9-4.  It was a sloooow morning, then Tary came and asked if I wanted to reduce my hours to just a couple each day to cover the desk at lunch time.  No problem for me, so I will still only work until next Wednesday but reduced hours.

I just had to watch the final March Madness basketball game between the Badgers and Duke, one of those back and forth exciting games that ended 68 to 63 in favor of Duke.  Darn!  It's cool that the Badgers went all the way.

I got a lot done this morning; a good walk, a 3-mile bike ride, my kitchen cleaned, hummingbird feeders cleaned and filled, liver treats made for Frisco, and plants watered - all before it was time to get ready for work.  I like not having to rush to work.

Thursday, April 9.  I'm a retired woman again!  After working 2 hours a day for the last 3 days, and having very little to do during those 2 hours, I decided today was it and said goodby.  I like the folks that I work with, but I sure won't miss the cranky old people that think it is ok and right to yell at people and treat them rudely.  So, goodbye Mesa Spirit.

I have been keeping busy, getting little projects done around the house, catching up on phone calls, and, today, helping Arlene get rid of the weeds in her yard.  In fact, I met another neighbor while spraying Arlene's weeds this afternoon.  She started drilling me about using pesticides and I explained that I was uncomfortable having Arlene use the chemicals, so I was doing it for her.  She watched me, shaking her head in disgust.  I finally told her she should go in the house so she didn't breathe the chemicals.  Why do I keep meeting these strange, confrontational people these days?

Arlene and I went to a new Chinese restaurant this evening, the Sunny World, and what a bust.  We were unable to order ala carte and the waitress was rude when telling us this, we had to ask for silverware and napkins, the hot and sour soup was good but everything is was over battered and over fried and had no flavor.  It was such a bust that we had to stop at Baskin Robbins for a treat on the way back home.

Sunday, April 12.  I have been working on my road trip travel plan and I have it all mapped out with overnight stops planned too.  It's too bad that my ROD and Western Horizons memberships do not help me out at all on this trip, but Passport America (gives a 50% discount) will help.  Also, the cost of gas has gone down a lot, so that will also keep my costs down.

I have scheduled appointments for myself; follow-up with endocrinologist, cardiologist, and dental hygeinist, and a haircut in the next 2 weeks and also my car will be getting a new windshield, an oil change, tires rotated, and brakes checked.  The windshield is covered 100% by my insurance and I got a coupon for the other maintenance for $19.95.  The only thing that might cost extra is if the brakes need any work.

Jim installed my spare tire bike carrier for me on Friday and he ended up having to make some modifications since the hole on the car bracket is round but the mounting post for the bike rack is square.  From everything that I read about this rack, it should have worked on my car.  No problem, Jim was able to install it and when I got back home, I checked to make sure that I could take it on and off and also get my bike on and off.  Many thanks, Jim!

I joined Jim and Jan, Carmen and Bruce, and Jackie for fish fry and Simpletons.  We had a very nice time.

Saturday night was our community's annual Mexican Fiesta and several of us met at the clubhouse in the afternoon to chop veggies for tacos and salad and chicken for Jan's green chili chicken enchiladas and for Lois' chalupa casserole.  Mary made the taco meat and Jim picked up the Flan for dessert.  The clubhouse and each table was festively decorated and we had 2 Mariachis going from table to table during happy hour.  They also joined our table and sang Happy Birthday to Jan (today), Kathy (the 15th), and me (the 27th).  After dinner, Gary Mancini, played and sang, so we topped off the night with lots of dancing.  Another great party here at Highlands at Brentwood.

Today, I finished my curtain project on the camper and hung the wine cork bulletin board that I made by glueing the corks onto a yardstick.  It turned out cute and I now have a place to hang a few photos to make it feel a little more like home.

I got to see the grandkids on Facetime this morning and Charlotte was telling me that she was reading about silly crocodiles that were wearing clothes and Camille entertained me with wearing her cute sunglasses, and Norah said hi and then was off doing something else.  It will still be another month and a half before I see them again and I can't wait!