Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 1 - 4, 2015, MN

Saturday, October 3.  What a busy week and it has just flown by so quickly.  Ben is SF for his work until tomorrow so my role with the kids has been even greater the last few days.  Also, the twins have both had colds and haven't been feeling up to par - they are much better today.  I took Charlotte to her swim class on Thursday evening and she has improved so much since the last time I went.  Her confidence and skills are much improved. She is also taking ballet and gymnastics now, she seems so grown up at times - until tonight at bedtime when I was asked to sing Hush Little Baby, Rock-a-bye Baby, and Twinkle Twinkle before she nodded off to sleep.

We've been getting ready for the birthday party tomorrow and birthdays are very special around here - that is definitely why I'm still here.  It is 10:20 pm and I am relaxing in bed while Jill is downstairs putting frosting and decorations on 2 lemon blueberry cakes in the shape of butterflies.  I just know that they will be beautiful.

Sunday, October 4.  Happy Birthday, dear brother Bob!  It was a busy day in the Bridge household, my last one here for a while.  I kept an eye on kids while Jill prepared the spaghetti sauce for birthday dinner and then we all headed off to the playground.  Those guys are really getting agile - Charlotte was sliding down the pole and the twins were climbing like crazy.  Good times.

This afternoon I went and had my propane tank filled (no wonder my fridge wouldn't work) and then went to pick Ben up at the airport.  When we got back home, I hooked up and got ready for morning take-off.

The birthday party was lots of fun and I don't think Norah and Camille got it until Jill and Lois came in with the lit birthday cakes and we all sang Happy Birthday.  Their eyes just lit up.  Gifts were all a big hit - trucks, building blocks, outfits, and the stepping stones that I bought.  Dinner was yummy too.  The neighbor, Rosanna and her 4 kids joined us for cake and it really made it feel like a party, then.