Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 7 - 13, 2015, AZ

Friday, December 11.  I'm not sure how this week got by without writing.  I spent a lot of time at home with the exception of a couple of Christmas gift shopping adventures with Arlene.  We had both volunteered to purchase gifts for needy kids on our Angel Tree.  Carters was having a huge sale, so we headed over there on Monday and did our shopping.  When Arlene got home and was telling her daughter what she purchased, Sharla informed her that her child was a baby girl, and she had bought for a little boy.  So we went back to exchange the items the next day.

One day, we worked on putting up Arlene's Christmas lights, so I now have a brightly lit, festive looking house to look at across the street.

Other activities included attending a community club meeting and, since I am now the secretary, I got the minutes typed, approved, and circulated.  The weather has been beautiful this week, so I took advantage and did some yard cleanup, took lots of walks, and rode my bike a few times, and had cocktails and dinner with Jan and Jim and Bruce and Carmen.

Today, I met with Bev (Arlene's cleaning lady) at her rental condo in Fountain of the Hills and I agreed to be her cleaning lady twice a month through the winter. As she was leaving, a neighbor inquired about a cleaning person, so she I may be picking up another of those jobs.  They pay double the minimum wage and will supplement my income a bit and get me out of the house - no boss looking over me and no angry customers (I hope) to yell at me.

We went to Dirtwater Springs in Apache Junction for dinner tonight and it was very enjoyable.  After dinner event went out to the outdoor courtyard to hear live music, but it was smoky and stinky out there, so left after 3 songs.

Sunday, December 13.  Yesterday was Max and Cookie's 10th Anniversary party at the Canadian enclave (Paul & Ulla and Larry and Linda's).  They have converted their back yards that meet into a very large paved patio, complete with fire pit, heaters and tables and chairs.  The party was held outdoors and it was a cold, cloudy 50 degree day with a few drops of rain.  The heaters and fire kept us warm.  We all shared drinks, pizza, and music in the company of good friends.

I think I have spent more time at home this week than I have since my return from summer travels.  I guess it is just a matter of doing it.  I have found plenty of ways to keep myself busy.