Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 3 - 9, 2016, MN, IA

Tuesday, October 4.  Happy Birthday to my sweet brother, Bob! He is not only celebrating his birthday, but his retirement from owning and operating Windscape Apartments.  Congratulations on a very successful career.  Jill is off again, this time to Dallas for her regular job.  It is strange having full days to myself - the twins started full-days at preschool this week.  They were both tired when they got home, naps must not have gone so well.

Thursday, October 6.  My summer in the Midwest and my stay with Ben and his family is winding down and I will be leaving here on Sunday after celebrating Norah and Camille's birthday on Saturday. My time here has been busy and I'm glad that I was able to help them with the transition from at-home care to preschool .  They are still adjusting, but it can only get better from here.

Today, I got my car organized and cleaned up the camper a bit.  I had to pull it out of its storage spot in Kevin's driveway yesterday, as tree trimmer were here and they needed to pull their truck in there.  All is well, that job is done.

Saturday, October 8.   Celebrated Norah and Camille's 3rd birthday today, starting around 9:30 when the Quinn's arrived and the gift opening began.  They were happy and excited about their gifts.  Ben fixed a yummy breakfast of bacon, toast, and frittata, and then the big gifts were presented - balance bikes.  Camille figured it out right away, but it was a bit hesitant.  Her bike might be just a tad too big yet - she is so tiny.  We then all headed to Lynnhurst playground for an hour of bike riding.  Norah was more interested in Ben's skateboard than her new bike - she even shifted her body in order to balance.

Waiting for the big surprise.

While the little ones napped, Jill and her mom and Charlotte made Runzas - a traditional fall recipe for their family -  burger, onions, and cabbage wrapped in dough and baked. And then after dinner, it was time for cake and singing Happy Birthday.

Sunday, October 9.  I said my emotional goodbyes to the family and then pulled out around 9 this morning and drove as far as Des Moines, stopping for a few groceries along the way.