Friday, November 18, 2016

November 14 - 20, 2016, AZ

Thursday, November 17.  Another 4 days and I haven't written - not much to write about.  I've been cleaning - outside of all windows and screens on Tuesday and I finished the job this morning.  Not only did I clean the windows in the living room and dining room, I attempted to rearrange the living room furniture.  It was a lot of pushing and shoving that ended up with pushing and shoving it all right back to where it was originally.  The problem was that there was no place for the rocking chair and no matter how I positioned the area rug, it just didn't work because of the angles in the room.  Oh well, now my body has to recover.

Monday was the night of the full moon, the super moon, it was closest to the earth since the year I was born, 1948.  I saw it rise behind the Superstition Mountains, although they are 20 miles to the east and it was beautiful. 

Connie and I joined Pat and Rog for happy hour at Val Vista Village and had a nice time listening to Dakota Kid.  I'm not a fan of line dancing and the entire floor was taken by line dancers, although there were a few couples dancing.  Pat and I danced a polka and a few others and we managed to get a whole bunch of women out there with us. It was fun.

We're having a cold spell and it was only 52 degrees when I woke up this morning.  I'm sitting here with a blanket over me, waiting for the sun to warm things up so I can get Frisco out for his walk.  We should get up in the mid-70s later on.

Sunday, November 20.  I picked Connie, Pat, and Roger up this morning and we all headed to Cave Creek Regional Park to check it out.  I wanted to see the campground and we all were interested in a short hike - and it was short because Connie struggled with breathing and I was having trouble with my left knee and it started to rain.  We were predicted to have rain today, but not until much later in the day - what do they know.  So we headed into Cave Creek to grab a bite to eat. The dogs were welcome at Harry's patio, and we sat and watched it rain and watched the Steelers fans getting crazy about their team - it kind of looked like Halloween the way folks were dressed.