Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 7 - 13, 2016, AZ

It's Sunday night and I just finished watching 60 Minutes, walked Frisco under an almost-full moon, and am relaxing in my comfy pjs.  It's been a busy week with appointments, a couple of cleaning jobs, and news, news, news of Donald Trump beating out Hillary Clinton in the election on Tuesday.  I am heartsick and afraid of what we are facing over the next 4 years.  I only hope that he doesn't mess with my Social Security, Medicare and health insurance benefits, our country's natural resources, and people, people, people and their rights.  I had a FaceTime conversation with Ben and the twins on Wednesday night and he told me that Charlotte cried when he told her who was elected as president, and her response was, "he's mean".  I'm sure she formed her opinion from hearing adult conversations and talking with friends about what they have heard.  His campaign sure set a tone that is against many of the things we try to teach our children, as far as respect for others is concerned.

Our monthly community club meeting was held on Tuesday and I've been working on Minutes and volunteered to write a flyer to invite all residents to join and become involved with our social club.  It's not just a matter of typing the documents, they always take lots of interaction with other members and approvals before finalizing.

We had a very nice program on Veterans Day on Friday, fish fry Friday night with Pat and Rog, garage and estate sales on Saturday with Connie and Sandy, a pancake breakfast this morning with Nan and Dale and dinner with Pat and Rog.  It's been a good week.