Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday, December 16, 2019, MN

Well, we survived our 4-day weekend with the grandkids and we all felt a little bit tired yesterday and the girls were starting to get a bit short with each other. Lois was up early taking Charlotte and her friend Riley to a birthday party in Plymouth. And Norah had a play date at Marina’s house, so I dropped her off and picked her up.  

I made a pot of stew for dinner and Dennis helped me chop up the ingredients. It turns out that I really didn’t know how to operate an Instant Pot, as I discovered I didn’t have it in slow cook mode after about 5 hours.  So, on to Plan B - I pressure cooked it for a half hour and then kept in warming for the last hour and it turned out just fine and tasty enough that the girls even ate it.

We did some crafts in the afternoon and the girls each took long baths and played with Barbie dolls in the tub.  They also put on a play and and a puppet show for us.  

Camille is dressed and ready for the play.

Norah came home wearing Marina’s Anna dress.

After dinner and cleanup, I headed back home, as Ben and Jill were going to be involved with the girls and we would have time to visit anyway. It felt good to get back home and after unpacking, I spent an hour talking on the phone with Tom. We sure don’t have a problem finding things to talk about and it always feels good to chat with him.

I slept in this morning, enjoyed my coffee and reading the news, and took a leisurely long shower.  After wrapping Christmas gifts and finishing packing Pat and Tom’s gifts for mailing, I headed to the post office. Google told me the nearest Post Office was a mile away in Mendota, directly across the Mississippi River from me, as the crow flies. I think it is the smallest post office I have been in - only one employee and about 8 parking spots in front of the building that is shared with an attorney’s office.

When I got back home, I worked on finishing the 3 elf hats that I have been crocheting for the girls. I only had the tail of one to finish and to make the pompous. They are ready to go and I will deliver them tomorrow so they can wear them a few times before Christmas vacation.