Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday, May 4, 2020

The same old, same old continues here with the exception of some beautiful weather for long walks and having windows open and occasionally striking up a conversation outdoors at a safe distance.

Saturday was the highlight of the last few days for me, as I met up with Ben and his family at Lois and Dennis’ back yard for a belated birthday celebration. Each granddaughter handed me a self-made birthday card with pretty birds and tender messages on them. 

We had beers, played with the kids, and sat in a large circle visiting. Dennis grilled brats and hot dogs and we had some salads and chips on the side, ice cream bars to top it all off. It was a lovely day.

I felt bad for Tom tonight when he called to express his frustration over something that he witnessed at his park in Apache Junction. When he was out walking, he became angry when he noticed that a huge Class A motor home that was covered in Trump supporting/promoting skin was parked in one of the spots and he hoped that he wouldn’t have to have any personal contact with someone in that RV. As we talked, he calmed down but he certainly needed to vent and lower his blood pressure.  We figured that it was probably there in support of Trump’s visit to the Honeywell plant tomorrow and it would hopefully be gone, never to return again. We both are finding it difficult to understand how he is still getting support after the way he has handled this pandemic. We see it that he has done nothing right and they see it that he has done everything right. 

Things are getting ugly with some states deciding to open up their businesses while the Medical experts are telling us that this isn’t even close to being on the downside. People are protesting, some violently, refusing to wear masks, and even some KKK activity - a person wearing a KKK hood while grocery shopping in California and a Zoom video church service getting a KKK video bombed that interrupted the service (I’m not sure how that works, but apparently an unwanted video appears on the screen while watching the church service).