Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday, May 30, 2020

What a week. On Monday, a 46-year-old black man, George Floyd, was apprehended by 4 police officers and restrained by one cop holding him on the ground with his knee on his neck as  the man pleaded “I can’t breathe”. The cop continued to hold him down for 8 minutes, even though he quit breathing after 4 minutes.  The community responded with grief and anger, as the video went viral, yet, the 4 cops had not been arrested. It wasn’t long and the protests became violent and buildings were looted and set afire, including the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct where the 4 cops worked from - it burned to the ground.

Each night since then, the violence has spread and gotten worse. Neighborhood business have burned and stores have been looted and emptied of everything that might have a value. The National Guard was called in yesterday and they weren’t able to handle the crowds during the night, in spite of a curfew being placed between 8pm and 6am. When Tom and I took Frisco out at 9pm, we stayed right in my community, but there wasn’t a car on the road - an unreal silence. On the news, we learned that the police officer who held the man down has been charged with murder. A large group of peaceful protestors had blocked the northbound lanes of I35W and were marching north toward downtown, in spite of the curfew. 

This morning, we learn of even more violence, looting and burning overnight. Governor Walz has been on the news and they are saying that everyone that has been arrested has been from out of town. They are bringing in even more National Guard troops and police from other cities and states in anticipation of more violence tonight as the violence has been caused by drug cartels, and violent black groups - the local citizens are pleading for peace and cleaning up after the thugs.

And all of this with the continuing loss of lives from COVID-19, just as businesses are starting to open up.  It is truly a sad situation around here.

We saw this sign on our walk earlier in the week:

Tom and I have been getting lots of walks in these days and we have explored neighborhoods and the trails along the Mississippi. We stopped to watch a barge go by yesterday and today we walked the trail between the South and North entrances to Hidden Falls Regional Park - 4.2 miles total. We did not find the falls.