Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday, September 27, 2020

More packing and organizing this week, but with some relaxing and enjoyable walks too.  I was able to get together with Ben a couple of times during his lunch breaks - one day we just walked but another I picked up sandwiches and we walked to a park and ate and talked.

I was nervous about the possibility of not receiving my voting ballot in time, but it arrived on Wednesday and I filled it out and got it back in the mail on Thursday. Now, let’s hope it gets counted - so important in this election as I really don’t want our tyrant of a President to win this next election. Things have gotten so bad in this country with the COVID-19 pandemic killing over 200,000, Trump saying he won’t accept the results of the election if he doesn’t win, and the current administration trying to rush to fill a Supreme Court Justice vacancy due to the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week. 

This afternoon, I took Frisco to Ben’s house where he will have a sleepover tonight so he is not under foot tomorrow for the movers.  I delivered their birthday gifts and they all liked their new pajamas.

I sure look different without glasses.

  We walked to Beard’s Plaisance and played tag with the girls and pushed them on the swings. The rules kept changing but we managed to fill a bit of time and burn some energy.  Tom and I will probably be feeling it in our bones tomorrow.

Little Monkeys - they love climbing trees.

I just had to post this beautiful photo, taken from the nearby Mississippi River shore - not my photo, borrowed from Facebook.

And this is just a beautiful bed of bright and colorful Zinnia near my home. I wanted to post it so I don’t forget how beautiful they are - for future reference.