Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday, November 16, 2020

Well, I really have nothing to write about the last week, but maybe if I start typing, something will come to mind. How about the weather - it has been beautiful. We even got a bit of rain one night - enough that there were puddles of water in the street. It has a way of cleaning the air and making everything smell fresh again.  Temps have gone from lows in the 50s early in the week to 80 degrees yesterday and we took advantage of the cool by taking long walks and of the warmth by visiting the pool.

Our neighbor, Harriet, is a solo RVer who arrived here a few days after we did. She is here for two months while she goes through breast cancer treatment at MD Anderson hospital, and her friends are here to help her through the journey.  She had a double mastectomy a week ago and appears to be doing quite well in her recovery - slowly but surely she is healing and feeling better. I feel that she is in good hands and hope the best for her. She’s a brave lady and has lots of interesting stories to tell about her life and travels.

Once again, the COVID-19 cases in our country are skyrocketing and many states are starting to mandate shutdowns, some with curfews at night and most with very strict limits on numbers of people allowed indoors.  The news media is discouraging people from large gatherings for 
Thanksgiving and asking folks to stay at home. I learned that my granddaughters will be starting remote learning again today.

The political news is all about Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election and he has not yet conceded to President-elect Joe Biden and is refusing to allow access to information that will help with the transition. He has encouraged people to rally and held a Million MAGA March in Washington DC on Saturday, where less than 10,000 people showed up and, of course, few wearing masks or distancing. Along with that, there were several “Stop The Steal” rallies held in towns throughout the country. They refuse to give up, although he clearly lost the election and all of the lawsuits that he has filed have shown that there was no election fraud. He is such a bully.

This was taken on one of our walks this week - a spot where we had a clear view 
of the Superstition Mountains.