Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020

An exciting event of last week was watching the International Space Station go by, and we would have missed it if we hadn’t walked past a guy who was filming it.

Frisco did a strange thing last night. He has been waking me during the night to go out and pee. Last night I felt him nudge the mattress and I reached down to check on him and realized he was on the bedside table (built in) next to the bed. I tried to coax him down, but he came up on the bed and curled up where I sleep and I petted him and cuddled with him. Eventually, he got down and I took him outside. The strange thing about this is that he rarely gets on the furniture any more, especially the bed. There isn’t room for him to make a leap and the floor is slippery, but he made it onto the bedside table without me hearing him do it. I had the sad thought that he wanted to be close to me because he was dying.

I’m sad to say that the Tom and Rose roller coaster ride has come to an end once again. Three strikes and it’s over. We are great as friends but not as a couple. My mistake - I just kept thinking it could possibly work. The main reason is that there is not enough love between us - we are just going through the daily motions together, but apart. It is not a good situation as neither of us care enough to make the effort to make it work and it doesn’t come naturally.  

I am completely aware that it is not a good time to be traveling but I’ve decided to proceed with caution and head back to MN.  I have a car reserved and will head out tomorrow and should arrive in St Paul on Friday and will go straight to my new apartment in West St Paul - a brand new building, just finished construction and it was the first one I saw when I did my search, the stars must have been aligned and I believe it is the right thing to do.  

Tom and I don’t fight light cats and dogs and I could stay here but AZ is not the best place to be during the pandemic since the Governor has not even mandated masks in the state and there is no mandate in the county that I am in-the attitude is much like Trump (who needs a mask, it’s going to disappear) as the majority are loyal followers. It is hit or miss wherever you go. Hospitals do have room for patients though.

As far as the traveling, it isn’t a great choice right now but I will avoid situations that will put me at risk as much as possible.  I will just get there and get settled as quickly as possible, then quarantine for as long as is necessary. I tolerated the winter ok last year just fine and have to resolve to do so again.

So off I go again. Happy Thanksgiving (I will be on the road that day).

Love to you all,