Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday, January 10, 2022, MN

I met up with Mavis on Tuesday and we went to Burger Moe’s for their lunch special - burger, fries, and beverage for $9.95. Their burgers are so good and generous serving of nice and crunchy French fries (I had them for 2 other meals during the week) and the conversation was great.  We took advantage of a day with decent temps (still not warm enough to wash my filthy car), as they were going to drop the next day and stick around for a while. And they did - we saw our first below zero temps for the year and the wind chills were in the -25 to 30° range. Brief walks were the order of the days.

Ben had a business trip this week, so I offered to help Jill out with getting kids to and from school on Friday, and activities on Thursday evening.  It was so cold Thursday night that the twins’ skiing was cancelled and Charlotte didn’t want to venture out to swimming. I spent the night on Thursday and Friday, drove the twins to school on Friday morning (Charlotte wanted to walk with her friends) and met them at the bus stop in the afternoon.  We had movie night Friday night.

Pat is finally over the Covid and ready for work again. Tracey is now under the weather with it.  

After my Sunday morning video chat with Tom, Ben came over for our Weekly coffee meetup - always so nice to have an uninterrupted chat with him.  

I took my neighbor Louise to Walmart for groceries. Her usual ride didn’t work out, so she asked me.  You sure can tell that there are staffing shortages these days, that Walmart was a mess and lots of shelves were not stocked. I will have to go to the meat market later this week, as it was slim pickings in the meat counters and I also wonder where they source their meats.