Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday, January 23, 2022, MN

It’s been a cold, cold week around here with the exception of Tuesday when we saw close to 40° and lots of the snow melted and cleared the roads and sidewalks.  Frisco and I were able to get two decent walks in on Sunday and Monday.

I spent Tuesday and Thursday with the girls, helping out with distance learning.  Granny Lois was there on Wednesday and Friday.  This week went much better than last, as the teacher has a defined schedule and the girls understand the rules and expectations.  Also, their parents had some serious talks with them about respectful behaviors with their grandparents.  Charlotte is involved with classes most of the day and is usually studying independently downstairs.  She only needs reminders to stay on task - takes advantage of breaks to play games.  They all do that - they would easily spend every non-school moment playing games and watching shows on their devices.  One of the changes that I made was to spend one-on-one ‘special’ time with the twins during breaks and that helped to keep things separated and calm and from getting crazy in their play. Camille and I did a sewing project and Norah and I did an electrical project.

I’ve started to get ready for my upcoming trip to Arizona, setting things aside that I don’t want to forget and making a ‘to do’ list.  It will be so nice to see Tom again, to enjoy some sunshine and warmer temperatures, to meet baby Logan, the newest addition to the family, and to reconnect with Arizona friends.  I am not looking forward to the travel part of it.