Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday, December 8, 2022, MN

I have been back to feeling normal for three days now and it sure is nice.  It’s been a pretty busy week too. I helped Judy turn out about 75 Christmas Cards last Friday for the Cards for a Cause hospice group.  She puts in a lot of effort to make these beautiful cards - each card comes in a set of card, insert, all of the decorative papers and cutouts to make it look cute, all stuffed in the envelope.  All we do, is put it all together with our own little personal touch. They may have the same components but none of them look just alike.  

I really got my dates mixed up thinking that the holiday lunch for the Stampin Up group was on Monday when I thawed out my potatoes and got the Sesame Street Potato Recipe going. It was only when I was getting my cards together for each person in the group when I realized that meeting isn’t until the 12th.  I baked the potatoes and put them in the freezer for next week and took the other pan with me to Ben’s on Tuesday afternoon for dinner.  

It was nice to see the family again on Tuesday, as it’s been 2 weeks now. Everyone but Jill is fully recovered from the crud we all had. Jill is still on the recovery roller coaster - she feels back to normal one day and then has another setback.

I had an Amazon package to return, so I did some shopping on Monday and was able to finish my shopping for the girls.  The girls department was so picked over but I finally came up with a gift - now let’s hope they like it.