Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday, February 3, 2023, MN

Yay, it’s February, the shortest month of the year that always seems like the longest. Then again, it seemed like January would never end. The week has been cold except for Wednesday that reached a high of 23° and that seemed so warm compared to what we have had. Today takes another dip with a high expected to be 4° but then they say we will warm up to the 30s starting tomorrow.

Yesterday was a rough one for Joey as he was in his crate for six hours while I cleaned Ben’s house, then I was exhausted when I got home and felt like being a slug, but he all of this cooped up energy needing to get out.  We came in from a walk and as I was changing my clothes, I turned around and saw him pooping on the floor. I blame this on myself as much as him (too cold to find a good spot) and me for not being persistent in taking him to all of the good spots.  Several days we have had to come inside to warm up and then head right back out again.  Now, today, I need to steam clean the carpet so the scent doesn’t hang around.

Speaking of cleaning Ben’s house - it gives me over 10,000 steps, 5.5 miles of walking, and 11 flights of stairs climbed. A total of 16 flights for the day, including those in my building since our elevator is down again.  On Wednesday when we had the food truck, I helped those on 2nd and third floors to get their groceries to their apartments - making for 11 flights climbed that day.  My unintentional workout.

I’m not sure how the weekend will pan out, but Charlotte competes in a swim meet that I would like to see and the twins play basketball.  Poor Joey will be crated again but I’ll make sure to play with him a lot today so he gets enough exercise.

I had two appointments earlier in the week - one to give a saliva sample to the clinic so I could participate in a DNA study that they are conducting to create a health database. The results are going to be interesting to me and I also hope they help to develop new medical treatments.  

My second appointment was to purchase a prepaid cremation plan so my sons don’t have to worry about it when I die.  I have no plans to do that soon, but this has been on the back burner for a long time and I finally made the appointment and took care of it.  Thanks to Susie Hooverson for giving me some much needed guidance about what to look for to get the best protection for when the time comes.