Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday, January 27, 2023, MN

There sure hasn’t been much going on around here that is worth writing about.  I still try to fill my days with some sort of craft activity, cleaning, my fitness routine, getting outdoors and playing with Joey.  Starting tomorrow our weather is going to get cold again, hovering just above zero so we will be cooped up indoors again for at least the next week.

My neighbor, Elaine invited me to join her for dinner at Willy McCoys last Thursday and it sure was nice to be in a restaurant having a beer and a nice dinner with a friend.  We are going again tonight.

Last Saturday, I went to watch the twins play basketball and that was sure fun to see how they work together with the team - and the two of them worked together and did some pretty good passes and dribbles. They each made baskets but their team lost by 8 points.  Charlotte was at a swim meet and I heard that she did really good too.  She got her first Blue Ribbon on the 100 meter backstroke competition and placed third, fourth, and fifth in some others.  

I worked with another resident to organize a Papa Johns pizza potluck on Wednesday, put up a sign-up sheet and got 12 people signed up.  I ordered the pizza for delivery and ended up holding the bag because we counted on those 12 people, charged accordingly, and only seven showed up plus three who didn’t sign up showed up and paid.  Also, I was unable to get any coupons, so the pizza was pricey and wasn’t even very good. It ended up costing me $20 for my few pieces that I ate.  I guess people don’t understand how this works - that if you sign up you show up and if you don’t sign up, you don’t show up, as the food is ordered according to how many sign up. If there is a next time, I will definitely make this clear and figure the cost once everyone is there to eat.

I got a haircut on Monday and while I was waiting to go in the building, I noticed this giant pile of snow in the parking lot.  Judging by how the girders on the utility pole were placed, I figured it had to be 35-40’ high - definitely higher that the roofs of the stores in the shopping center.  When I was checking out, I mentioned it to the manager and she said that the snow removal company offered to move it for a fee and she said “why didn’t they just do that in the first place”.  There is a vacant storefront at the end of the center with a huge empty parking lot.  What a world we live in these days.

Speaking of ‘what a world’, the news is full of crazy stuff right now - several mass shootings, 5 police officers charged with murder, assault, and several other charges for killing a man during a routine traffic stop, Donald Trump’s possession of classified documents - now have been found at the President’s home and former office and also at the home and office of the former Vice President Pence, and then there is Rep George Santos who lied to his constituents about his finances, his character, his education, his sexual background all through his campaign but refuses to back down when called out by his fellow Representatives.  As far as the classified documents are concerned, I believe that many others (senators, representatives, judges, governors) probably have them on hand too.  Again, what a world!