Saturday, June 10, 2023

Saturday, June 10, 2023, MN

It’s been a busy, busy week and I was hoping for quiet relaxing days.  There has been stuff going on here at my building like the monthly birthday party and the food shelf that I volunteer at.  

Pat and Ben offered to cover the cost of having a ceiling fan installed in my bedroom as a birthday gift, so I had the electrician install it on Tuesday afternoon and I think it has made it more comfortable for sleeping. 

 The twins had a soccer game on Wednesday night and it was nice to see the family again. Their team is on a roll and they haven’t lost a game yet.  Norah was really going for the goals and came really close once but not quite close enough.

I cleaned house for Ben and Jill on Thursday and, thanks to Deb for walking Joey in the afternoon, I was able to come home and have a little nap.

I finally got around to getting a few groceries on Friday and I made a stop at the garden center to get a few colorful annuals to put in the perennial garden. 

Today is Lois’s birthday and I was invited to join the family to have dinner and celebrate with them this afternoon.  Ben grilled red peppers, broccoli, and asparagus and that was served with a bowl of pasta Alfredo and it was absolutely delicious.  It was a lovely afternoon.

We finally got some rainfall and I’m hoping it was enough to make a difference. We have had a long dry spell and there isn’t any more rain in the forecast for the next week.  It actually cooled down and is about 65° now at 9:30.  I will be leaving my windows open tonight.