Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sunday, June 25, 2023 - MN

So last Saturday, we had our Father’s Day celebration because Jill’s dad was leaving on a fishing trip the next morning. Ben made a large batch of BBQ ribs and Lois brought potato salad and Waldorf salad and we all hung out on the deck.  It was a fun afternoon and the food was delicious, and it was a beautiful day.  Charlotte was proud of her pink bucket hat and she was getting ready for a week of overnight camp.  They love wearing Uncle Casey’s t-shirts.

I did my laundry and cleaning on Sunday, as the next week was gonna be a busy one, starting with a residents meeting on Monday morning.  We had a guest speaker to inform us of how the local recycling works - with a review of what can and cannot be recycled.  I learned a lot and a few of the takeaways were that the caps should be left on plastic bottles, aluminum cans should not be crushed, and anything that is smaller than your fist should not be put in the recycling.  If I’m doubt, throw it out.  

The Stampin Up group met in the afternoon and we each made two cards, had lots of good conversation, and had apple pie a La mode, courtesy of Pat.  We decided that I would teach everyone how to do the stitching cards when we meet in August.  

Ben dropped Norah and Camille off after their soccer practice on Monday night and they were with me until Wednesday afternoon.  I was hoping to take them to the museum and art gallery at the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge, but we got mixed messages online and they weren’t open. We came back home and walked to the school playground.  They are still little monkeys and love to climb and test their agility.  Did I mention that they eat constantly - we were forever cleaning up after food prep and doing dishes.  They are good about helping out.

I had to spend a couple of hours on Wednesday morning helping out at the food shelf, so I left them alone to eat breakfast and get ready for the day.  I came up to check on them and there was stuff all over and they weren’t ready.  It was a little better when I finished, but by then Joey had gotten into some packaging and chewed their dental wax (for braces) containers up.  You can’t leave anything around, as he will grab it and chew it up.  Lesson learned, I hope

We went to the beach at Fireman’s Park in Chaska in the afternoon and I sat in the shade and read while they played at the playground and swam.  It was a nice way to wrap up their stay and they had to be home for a soccer game later that afternoon.  

I wasn’t able to stay to watch the soccer game as it was the night of our pet nail trim clinic at Penelope.  Again, Joey was the only naughty pet and he fought and resisted, so Mary was only able to get all but 2 nails clipped.  He was definitely being a devil dog and it makes me wonder why he is so resistant to being restrained. He is good when I groom him and I was able to clip the remaining nails the next morning, so I think it’s going to be my job from now on.

I was supposed to clean Jill and Ben’s house on Thursday, but they offered me to take a break and do it on Friday, so  I took them up on the offer and had a nice, relaxing day at home.

Yesterday was a soccer tournament for Camille and Norah and they won both of their last two games of the season.  The ‘Stars’ team was undefeated for the season and they got medals after the game.  Neither of them got goals but they sure did try and both had ‘almost’ goals where the ball bumped the frame of the goal.