Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - MN, WI

I headed out for Stoughton last Wednesday and hit rain once I got to Owatonna, about 50 miles south of the Twin Cities and I drove through rain the entire distance.  I made a stop in Reedsburg to visit with Rosemary (my brother Rocco’s ex-wife) and her husband Robert.  I still talk with Rosemary at least a couple of times a year and a recent conversation made me want to see her in person.  Robert’s health is declining from ALS, although he is in good spirits and healthy other than his lower body not functioning very well.  He gets around in a scooter but needs assistance for most daily activities.  We had a very nice visit and it was good to see them.  

Back on the road, I kind of regretted that I didn’t get off the freeway as the traffic was heavy and so was the rain.  I get uncomfortable when I’m on the road in a bunch of semi trucks that make it even more difficult with the spray that comes off their tires.  

It was good to see Pat and Tracey and I hung out for a while before heading to Dawn’s house to get settled in.  She and I had dinner and wine - a bit too much - and didn’t get to bed until 11:00 and didn’t sleep very well.  A nice walk in the morning got me feeling much better.  Other than having breakfast with Jonnie and lunch with Susan and Judy, I mostly spent my time with Pat and Tracey and Dawn.  I didn’t even do my usual drive around Stoughton until Sunday afternoon and the drive included a stop at the cemetery to visit Mom, Dad, and Rocco’s graves.

There was a hazardous air quality warning in effect for three of the days I was there and it definitely had an effect on me this time.  My throat has been scratchy, eyes itching, and sinus pressure that made me uncomfortable.  The rain that they got really helped to clear things up though.  The cause of the poor air quality lingering fires in Canada and now we may see it from northern California.

Dawn rode back with me and I dropped her off at Randy’s house.  It sure was nice to share the drive and have the company on the return trip.  We will get together on Thursday, as Randy is playing at the 318 Cafe in Excelsior (Ben’s neighborhood) and he plans to join us.