Sunday, July 2, 2023

Sunday, July 2, 2023 - MN

Another page on the calendar has flipped and we are now in July.  The 90° days of summer continue with very little rain.  Drought conditions are evident everywhere.  The poor birch tree outside my window is suffering and I’m sure it is on its way out. Several branches have broken off, all are leaning toward my window and the trunk gets blacker every day.  Someone told me that birch trees are suffering from some kind of affliction and the drought conditions sure haven’t helped.

I had a haircut appointment on Thursday afternoon, so I opted to run errands before it.  My first stop was a Costco for gas and I realized that I had left my wallet on the counter at home, so back I went to fetch it and still had time to get everything done.  I got gas and coffee at Costco, took returns to Kohls and Sierra, made a stop at the bank for quarters for laundry, and still had 15 minutes to shop and browse at Turnstyle, and then to my appointment with Shirley.

I saw an orthopedic doctor this week for the ‘catch’ and painful shoulder that I have had for the last six weeks.  The X-ray showed no damage to the bones, a bit of arthritis, and nothing else.  I opted for the least invasive approach to getting it back in shape and that means physical therapy at home, icing it, and taking anti-inflammatory medications.  If I’m unable to do the exercise, I can get a cortisone shot that would help me to be able to do them, but I will wait and see.  It hasn’t really stopped me from doing much, but is painful when I move in certain ways.

I helped Genevieve with garden maintenance on Saturday and Sunday mornings and things are looking pretty good there.  She would like me to come every couple of weeks, just to keep the weeds down and plants looking good, so I now have another part-time job.

Ben’s family left for their annual 4th of July cabin trip to Wisconsin and offered their house to me once again, this time Yoshi was able to be with them.  I am heading over there this afternoon and Pat and Roger will join me tomorrow for a few days.  It is my week to clean and I will spread that out over the time I am there.  My fingers are crossed that someone will be interested in seeing the canoe while I’m there - I updated the listing and dropped the price a bit.

Speaking of the 4th of July, a friend of the Reinhart’s posted a photo of his pastel painting of ‘The Land’ in Richland Center on Facebook last week and it reminded me of the many years we camped there in the past - 25 years with only a couple missed and just a few scattered after that. This scene reminds me of what it was like after dinner - small pockets of conversation here and there over after dinner cocktails - a few are enjoying the campfire at the fire pit, there is music in the background, scrabble games at the picnic table, and gathering for fireworks. It is such a beautiful setting and I have many good memories of the times we had there with our circle of Milwaukee friends.  That family was always so generous with their vacation places and willing to share the land and their Lake Michigan vacation home.