Sunday, August 6, 2023

Sunday, August 6, 2023 - MN

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Patty yesterday! 

After Randy left on Tuesday morning, I had a haircut appointment and then it was getting ready for a National Night Out hot dog cookout here at Penelope.  Joann and I decided to get it going after our events were canceled by our manager who quit.  I dug out my Coleman camp stove and grilled the hotdogs and we had a potluck gathering with about 13 residents.  It was nice, but it always ends up being just a few people who get involved and do all of the work - that’s me and a couple of others.  It makes me feel good because any little extras are always well received.  Many of these folks rarely leave the building.

Wednesday was food shelf in the morning and pet nail trims in the evening.  Joey is still the only really naughty pet - the cats are cooperative and he is a little shit.  This is my setup and he still fought like crazy.  It’s a good thing Mary is experienced and willing to deal with him. He is great with me trimming him but when it comes to clipping the nails, he gets in fighting mode.  Sometimes I wonder what his life was like before me or is it just his personality.  

I’m still recovering from my bout with bronchitis but getting better every day.  The weather folks on the news are calling this “the summer if fires” as we keep having days with poor air quality because of smoke coming in from Canadian wildfires.  It is sure having an effect on me.