Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Saturday, August 26, 2023 - MN

My Stampin Up group of friends had our summer picnic on Monday and after a delicious lunch, I taught them how to do a paper embroidery card.  There were mixed feelings - some liked the process and requested copies of patterns and others might not ever do it again.  I’ve been working on getting some Christmas cards ready for later in the year

Happy 76th Birthday to Mike last Wednesday - it’s too bad that the last 11 birthdays have been celebrated from wherever you are in the universe.  And also to Casey - such a great guy - who suffered through 
so many health tragedies including nine cancers in his 29 years, but he still managed to have a smile on his face and to keep on moving forward.  He would be celebrating his 46th birthday today.

I heard from my niece Monica that she and her son Logan and mom Nan are coming to Wisconsin for a visit next week and they will be scattering Rick’s ashes.  I checked with Dawn and there is a room available at her bed and breakfast, so - I’m making another trip there on Thursday.  I sure have been on the move this summer, but I just can’t pass up seeing Monica and Logan again.  We will meet up on Friday.

I’m finishing up my week at Ben and Jill’s. Just finished the laundry and final cleanup and have my stuff together, so will head home in a bit.  

My view from the deck.

The weather this week has gone from nice to Hot and Humid and now today feels like a fall day out there.  It’s a cool 70° with a nice breeze.