Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday, November 19, 2023, MN

The week was pretty uneventful but I did have art class on Tuesday and we did a real fun project - felted wool birds.  One gal made a cute owl, a couple did a Christmas bird that was white with red berries, Genevieve finished a cardinal that she had started and I did a little Chickadee.  I enjoy those classes a lot and really appreciate being able to learn new things.  I started another little felting project again yesterday.

The weather has been beautiful, up in the 60s this week except for Thursday when it dipped down into the low 40s with high winds.  It’s back up there the last couple of days and I’ve really enjoyed my morning walks. Of course, it will become more wintry this next week but we still have no snow in the forecast.

I went to Willy McCoy’s for dinner with Elaine and Joann on Thursday night and came home and had a nice long phone conversation with Tom.

Judy and I went to the annual Christmas bazaar at the Masonic hall on Friday and then to an estate sale in Lakeville and a stop at Hobby Lobby before heading back home.  

I started a felting project yesterday afternoon and when I broke my needle, I had to go to get some more.  I ended up with the last one that was on the shelf at JoAnn’s so I could continue my project.  I stopped at the dog park with Joey on the way home and he got to run and play with a really nice Lab mix.  He was careful not to trample my little guy and even let Joey grab the ball a few times.  He really needs to burn off energy every now and then and this converted hockey rink is a good place for it.

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday, Joann and I decided to fill the urns at the front of the building with winter stuff.  She volunteers to collect and cash in the aluminum cans at our building, so she offered to use some of that money for artificial greens.  I had picked up a bunch of red twig dogwood branches and some berries and Judy had some birch logs that we could use.  The planters turned out very nice and I’ve gotten several compliments from residents. The pumpkins that were in the planters got donated to the wildlife that visit the pond on the property.

Last summer, Pat gave me a sheepskin that he got from his boss who raises sheep.  I had told him I might want one for the seat in my car for the winter.  The hair was really matted and stained, so I took it in and had it cleaned at a rug cleaning company.  They did a beautiful job, so when I got it back last week, it was clean but was still very matted and you could see grass and stick particles near the skin.  I started to brush it and it took a lot of work to get down to the skin and remove the debris, but it was looking pretty good so I kept on brushing a little bit each day until I had it all brushed.  The hair was about 4” long. So this morning, I decided to give it a haircut.  I started cutting with a scissors, tried the hair clipper that I use on Joey but it didn’t work, so I went back to using the scissors.  Cutting, brushing, and keeping it up until it was done - I’m happy with the result and have it next to the bed as a rug for now.  My efforts made a difference, although I’m not sure that I will be using it in my car.