Monday, November 6, 2023

Monday, November 6, 2023, MN

I guess there hasn’t been a lot to write about in the last week.  The pace was pretty slow for me. I helped out with the food truck on Wednesday and took Mary, the vet tech to several apartments where people had signed up to have their pet’s nails trimmed.  They are all so tolerant, nothing like little terror Joey who fights like crazy.  She was able to clip all but about 4 claws and I said I would try to get them.  Last night, he was so relaxed and I reached over to the bin and grabbed the nail clipper and he immediately went into defense mode.  I keep messing with his feel and nails, but he knows exactly what the clipper is for.

Jill’s dad, Dennis, had a bad fall in the shower on Friday when he started to feel dizzy and tried to get to a safe place. He fell flat on his face, broke his nose, and they had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop, as he is on many medications and having problems with extreme bruising.  

On Saturday, I took Norah to gymnastics (Camille is wearing a boot for a toe injury and couldn’t participate) on Saturday, then to her friends house for a play date and then I met Ben at the Edina middle school aquatics center where Charlotte is competing in a swim meet.  We watched her first heat (50 meter freestyle) where she took 3rd place and improved her time by about 30 seconds.  After that, there was a long break between heats, so Ben and I went and had a coffee.  It was nice to spend some time with him and to help with carting kids around so Jill could go be with her dad. I was able to see the rest of her events on YouTube, as they were streaming them live.  She took another 3rd, a 4th, and came in last on a couple of 200 meter events that she had never done before - a respectable outcome in my mind, but she probably wasn’t real happy with her performance.

Yesterday, Deb, Judy, Ann, and I went to the VFW to hear some music and to see Deb’s friend Mike the drummer. It was a blues jam and the music was great - it felt good to go out, listen to good music and have a beer with friends.

I also learned yesterday that my cousin Carole had a heart attack, got a couple of stents, and is doing well with her recovery.  She is 80 years old and remembered that her Dad had a heart attack at 80 too.