Saturday, December 23, 2023

Saturday, December 23, 2023, MN

Another week in December with no snow and very comfortable above average temperatures.  This morning, I’m looking out the window at a foggy start to the day. It is strange to think that we had at least a foot of snow on the ground last year and temps in the low 10s on Christmas - I will take this over that any day.

My Stampin Up group had our annual holiday luncheon on Monday in the great room at Pat’s apartment complex.  It is one of the upscale senior housing complexes and a very beautiful facility.  Nancy made a tasty chicken hot dish (Wisconsinites call them casseroles, but you will be corrected if you call them that here in Minnesota), and we had veggies, bread, a fruit salad, and dessert.  We then proceeded do our monthly project and this time it was a cute Christmas ornament that was quite complex, took some review of a video, and turned out nice.  It was a fun afternoon with a great group of gals.

I guess Ronnie & Diane were not aware of their photo being taken. Beautiful table though.

I cleaned at Ben’s house on Tuesday and thanks to Deb for keeping Joey, I was able to take a nap when I got back home.  Unfortunately, although I was tired and ready for bed early, I couldn’t go to sleep for a long time.

I helped out with the food truck on Wednesday and just as we were getting ready, the EMT’s arrived and transported Betty (our most senior resident who is 98 year old) to the hospital. We learned on Thursday afternoon that she had passed away.  She was a sweet, sharp minded lady who still managed to come to most of our functions and to get to church and bible study every week.  She will be missed.

I finished up my shopping and wrapping on Thursday. I still need to make the packages pretty, but they are wrapped.  I also got the fudge made that is always requested by the girls.  My contribution to Christmas dinner will be my Cranberry Cake with Hot Butter Sauce, a tradition for us.  I finally found a gluten free version that is just like the one I made years ago.  

I offered to take interested residents for a ride to see the neighborhood Christmas lights on Wednesday evening and got eight people to sign up, so I made three trips that took about a half-hour each.  I think I brought a few smiles to folks who don’t get out much any more and it made me feel good.  There are some very beautiful light displays - my favorite is the yard with every evergreen tree dressed in red lights. It would be even more beautiful if the lights were reflected in snow. 

I must have had some intestinal bug on Thursday night because stomach cramps kept me awake most of the night.  The last time I was up was at 4:00, so needless to say, I was dragging butt yesterday.  Norah wanted to come for a sleepover, so I picked her up in the morning and we made a stop at Trader Joe’s for a few groceries before coming home.  

We made these pretty paper stars, I took a nap, and Norah watched a show on my iPad.  We walked to the park and let Joey run around in the pickle ball courts.  Back home, we made pizza for dinner and then watched ‘Home Alone 3’.  It was cute and gave us both some good laughs.  Norah said that her throat was sore, so I gave her a little honey with lemon to soothe it and we were in bed and asleep shortly after 9:00.