Sunday, December 17, 2023

Sunday, December 16, 2023, MN

It wasn’t much fun, but I got a new crown on Thursday.  This was the first dental work that I have had done in over twenty years, so I asked the dentist to be gentle and there was very little discomfort both during and after the procedure.  At first, my insurance denied coverage, so I sent a letter and when I heard back, they were going to cover all but the buildup portion, about $400, so I’m happy with that. Maybe I can go another twenty without needing any dental work. Fingers crossed.

I got my Christmas cards written and mailed this week and had just a couple of packages to send out.  A neighbor told me about the convenience of the post office at the nearby Bloomington Drug store - that made it really easy to do and I avoided the long lines at the post office.  It seems like the staff at the post office is always grumpy, so this experience was quite nice. 

I took Joey to the vet to have his nails trimmed on Friday and they were successful,but he screamed the whole time.  The technician said that he didn’t fight, but he sure did yell. Now, if I could only get him to let me or Mary do it would be so nice.  Since we managed to get that done, I took him to play ball at the dog park.  Speaking of dog park - there is a note on the gate that said the city is considering discontinuing that location. I guess I need to send a message to the parks department or mayor.

Yesterday was cookie baking day at the Bridge’s house.  Their kitchen is so big that six of us could be working comfortably and having the double oven was nice. Camille and I teamed up to make Butterballs, Charlotte and Granny made peanut butter balls and the kiss cookies, Jill and Norah worked on cutout cookies. We also rotated and helped each other out. I’m happy that the girls are still wearing the aprons that I made them a few years ago.  They won’t fit for much longer.

I’m feeling bad that Joey had to be home alone again, so since I’m going to be gone a good part of today (taking the girls to Circus Juventas in St Paul), Monday (Stampin Up holiday luncheon) and Tuesday (house cleaning for Ben & Jill) too, I enlisted Deb to hang out with him today and Tuesday.  She is always willing and he knows her well, but I feel bad. 

The Circus Juventas (youth) performances were excellent and captured the attention of all four of us.  The girls were enthralled, trying to take it all in, as there was so much going on, it was hard to stay focused on any one activity.  I would describe the show as a colorful, high energy performance of extreme gymnastics, ballet, and trapeze activities.  The costumes were incredible. My understanding is that this is a place where children can get an education in circus acts.  I really enjoyed it and I think the girls did too.

I watched Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday celebration on CBS tonight and the lineup was absolutely excellent, bringing back memories of the many concerts that we went to, my favorite songs and many of my favorite musicians and singers.  The hard part was getting through all of the ads nd I always have a problem with that. Willie did great and he brought tears to my eyes a few times. It will be a sad, sad day when he dies, but like he sings “I’m Gonna Live Forever” and another that never made it to the charts “Still is Still Moving to Me”- his music will live on forever.  Yea Willie!