Saturday, February 10, 2024

Saturday, February 10, 2024, MN

 It has been a good week with plenty of time to be active and plenty of time to rest and relax, read, and do crafty stuff - just how I like to structure my life these days.  

I had a follow-up visit with my general practitioner and we went over my recent episode.  She did say that I do have some plaque buildup in my arteries but there was not enough that a stent was necessary (75-90%) and that the pain could have been from inflammation in the area if the esophagus.  The plan of action is to take an acid reducer to see if that makes a difference, so another medication gets added to the regimen.  I have a follow up with the cardiologist and an echocardiogram later in the month and that should take care of follow-ups.

I dropped Joey off at doggy day care and then met Cathy at Kruse Markit for breakfast on Thursday. She had a gift card and invited me to share it. It was a nice place and it feels good to have another friend who likes to do that sort of thing.  After that, I went to StevenBe to get some more colors of felting wool and did some thrift store shopping before picking Joey up again.  She invited me to join her and some friends for an afternoon of culture at the Basilica to hear the Minnesota Chamber Orchestra and then have late lunch/early dinner at an Asian Bistro.  Sounds like fun to me.  

Weather - we have had lovely days on the 40s and 50s but have now turned to more winter-like temperatures in the 30s.  We did get some much needed precipitation this week in the form of rain.  The big news yesterday was that a tornado touched down near Stoughton (closer to Evansville) and did quite a bit of damage to trees and property.  They had a 65° day, followed by the record breaking February storm that brought tornadoes to the area.  Strange.

Ben called yesterday morning to see if I wanted to meet him at Staring Lake for a morning walk.  I can’t turn down an opportunity to hang out with him, so we had a nice hour long walk with the dogs and then stopped for a coffee at Smith 1877, a great historic home turned into coffee shop in Eden Prairie.  

As soon as I finish my coffee here, I will take Joey out for a potty walk and then head over to watch Charlotte swim and then take her out to breakfast.  I’m looking forward to seeing what she has been up to lately.